Kiko Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit

Kiko Eyebrow Expert Styling KitPIN IT

I do love a good eyebrow styling kit, especially when I can’t face trundling off to visit my threader (Blink at Brent Cross, if you’re interested) and instead need to quickly fuss over my brows to give them some semblance of tidiness.  The Kiko Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit* contains everything you need – literally everything – to tidy, neaten and fill brows both quickly and easily.  It’s worth noting that in the pictures I spent all of ten minutes doing mine using nothing but the contents of the kit, so it’s safe to say that if you’re willing to invest a little longer you could get some truly impressive results.

Kiko Eyebrow Expert Styling KitPIN IT

In the Styling Kit you get two shades of brow powder, one shade of brow wax (to set brows on place), one angled brush for filling in colour, one spoolie for brushing brows into position and one set of tweezers which are all contained in the dinkiest of mirrored cases.  The mirror is a really good size for travel and touch-ups.  In the picture below I’ve also included the Kiko Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil* which is another newbie from Kiko and is designed for highlighting the brow.  This jumbo pencil is double-ended, allowing for a matte or shimmery finish depending on your preference.

Left eye before and after.

PIN IT Left eye before and after.


I’m so surprised by just how good everything in the Styling Kit is, including the tweezers which are, in my experience, always rubbish in kits like these.  I set myself the challenge of using only what could be found in the kit to transform my brows, and whilst I wouldn’t say they’re perfect, in the time allocated they’re definitely a much better finish than I expected! The brow powders allow flexibility and contouring if you’re a sufferer of sparse brows; you can either stick with one shade all through, or use the darker shade at the start of the brows (where is usually more dense) to add more definition.

Right eye - before, filled in and filled in with addition of highlighting pencil.

PIN IT Right eye – before, filled in and filled in with addition of highlighting pencil.


I’m not 100% the highlighter pencil is a real necessity as it’s extremely subtle, but I like the idea of a pencil that can be used for both day and night brows.  However, the styling kit is definitely something I highly recommend as it’s just sooo easy to use and would be beneficial for anyone who likes to take care of their brows.  There are two shades available – confusingly shade 2 is light and shade 1 is dark – and I’m using shade 2 in the images in this post.  Both products are available now, the Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit is priced at £13.90 and the Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil is £6.90.


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