Quick Pick Tuesday: Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

Lush Oatifix TubPIN IT

The lovely people at Lush answered my cries for help with regards to my crazy hormonal skin by sending me a pot of their Oatifix, which is a mask designed to treat and sooth dry skin.  Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask* is a gloriously scented (kind of marzipan mixed with vanilla and oats) thick, textured, soothing mask that has a slightly oily consistence, but thankfully doesn’t feel greasy.  It does an amazing job at soothing sensitive and dry skin (as mine has been lately) and contains just enough grit to give a very mild exfoliation.  The main ingredients are bananas, oats and almonds.

Lush Oatifix MaskPIN IT

The big downside to this mask – and I would assume the same applies to all Lush Fresh Face Masks – is that you have a very limited time to use it due to the fresh ingredients, I think you get about a month, and you also need to store it in the fridge, although the latter issue is minor.  For me, it would be tricky to use it all up within the month as you do get about six uses in a tub, so I suppose you’d need to get in the habit of using it a couple of times a week.  Other than that though, this is a lovely mask that is a treat for the skin and the senses and doesn’t break the bank at £5.95.  Available from Lush.



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