Off-Topic: Gunnar Update

A little while ago I posted about Gunnar, the poor dog who was attacked by a w*nker brandishing a sword.  I wanted to post a quick picture so you could see the progress that’s been made:

Gunnar Then

PIN IT Gunnar Then

Gunnar Now

PIN IT Gunnar Now


😀 Can you believes it? He’s all healed and happy! I had so many clickthroughs from the original post so I really hope that in some small way I made a difference to his well-being, by not only donating myself (and persuading immediate family to do so too) but also by alerting others to his cause through this blog and hopefully generating a bit more funding for him.

I’m so pleased he’s made a virtually full recovery and is now awaiting his forever home.  It was such a horrific thing to happen to any animal that really distressed and upset me, so it’s lovely to witness such a happy ending and kudos to the people at Noah’s Arks Rescue who invested a lot of time and love in nursing him back to health.  Isn’t he a beautiful and handsome boy?  Check out his full story here.



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