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I was absolutely convinced I’d already reviewed this range as not only have I had all the images ready for several months, but I can actually quote the review – hopefully other beauty bloggers will know what I mean by this – as when I’m assessing and closing in on reviewing products I start considering what I’ll say about them and putting together chunks of the review in my head.  I’ve also had these pictures for such a long time that my hair colour and style is completely different.  So I can’t believe there’s no mention of this range at all on my blog, and sincerest apologies to the PR who’s very kindly not mentioned it!

Hair hasn't been styled and just roughly dried to demonstrate product ability.

PIN IT Apart from fringe, hair hasn’t been styled and just roughly dried to demonstrate product ability.


Anyway, blonde moment over (for now) and on to the review.  The Aveda Smooth Infusion range consists of four products designed to aid hair in appearing as smooth as possible whilst much easier to style.  It’s a range that I think would suit most hair types as long as they were going for a smooth and sleek look.  Out of the four products, I’ve tried three of them; Smooth Infusion Shampoo, Smooth Infusion Conditioner and Smooth Infusion Style Prep.  The other product in the range is the Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener.

Same as above.

PIN IT Same as above.


For the purpose of this review, I decided to let the products completely speak for themselves and not style my hair (other than the fringe) so you can see what’s achieved without any heat styling.  The hair doesn’t look perfectly sleek, but a few minutes with a straightener or hairdryer and brush would sort that out.  One negative for me was the smell; it’s definitely a Marmite sort of smell that I would imagine lots of people would love, but for me it wasn’t my sort of thing.  However, it really doesn’t linger so it’s not a huge issue.  This is a really effective and interesting range as I found it made my hair so much more manageable and malleable, which might sound like a strange way to describe hair, but it’s definitely accurate as it kind of firmed up my hair so that it would form my chosen style quickly and easily, but also, more importantly, it kept the style in place.  If you’re someone who likes a styled and sleek look, then this range from Aveda will make a huge difference to your hair routine as it’ll not only cut down the time it takes to dry and style hair, but it’ll also aid in improving the overall finish.  For me, I’m now back to wanting lots of texture and volume which this range isn’t designed for (although it’s surprisingly good at making hair feel a lot thicker without that horrid plasticky feeling that most thickeners give) but if I ever I decide to go sleek again, this is definitely the range for me.  Prices start at £5 for a mini Smooth Infusion Shampoo.  The whole range is available now from Aveda.

*PR Samples


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  • Helena
    June 11, 2013

    Your hair looks great! I love the pure abundance line from Aveda

    Seaside Beauty

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