Glossybox June 2013

Glossybox June 2013PIN IT

I’m a little late to the Glossybox party this month as I haven’t had a chance to take pictures due to the fact that I’m redoing my home in time for Little Man’s arrival.  Therefore, I took my photo box down and was supposed to keep it down for another week or so, but I have so many gorgeous products to blog about that it didn’t feel right not giving them the full photo works they deserve! Therefore I stuck it back up again.

Glossybox June 2013 contentsPIN IT

Really not sure what to make of this months Glossybox as it’s got a really good selection that seems to have struck a decent balance, but there’s nothing particularly exciting to report and there are a couple of things I’m quite unsure of.  Let me explain by working my way through the contents of Glossybox June 2013…

Figs and Rouge Coco Rose Lipbalm


A pink tinted lipbalm that you can apply directly from the tube? OBVIOUSLY this was going to be first in my list of favourites as it ticks all my boxes when it comes to a lipbalm.  I understand it can also be used a blusher too, but that concept makes me a little nervous considering my slightly crazy skin.

Helen E Eye Pencil with Smudger


I’m definitely well into make-up at the moment so it makes sense that this pencil sits in second place on my order list.  I do have a few Helen E products already and I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t been blown away as yet, but as this is a lovely warm brown shade I’m hoping things may change…ya never know.

MeMeMe Nail Collection Long Lasting Gloss


I do love that name for a varnish ‘long lasting gloss’ as I think it sounds rather appealing.  Not sure about this milky pink/ivory shade though.  I shall give this a whirl and report back if it’s any good.

Monu Essential Care Facial Wash


No reason for this falling so low on the list other than the fact that it didn’t really get me that excited as I’m trying to be quite strict with my skincare of late.  It’s soap-free and contains Bergamot and Lemon so I would like to eventually give this a try.

John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Sheer Blonde Colour Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner


The reason this falls last on my list is because I think it’s a bit limiting as I can’t imagine every Glossybox subscriber is blonde…unless this was personalised which I don’t think it was, although feel free to correct me please! Therefore there will be those who have received a shampoo and conditioner set and won’t really be able to get much use out of it as these are explicitly designed for blondes.  Obviously that doesn’t mean other shades can’t make use of them, but it’s a bit like suggesting someone with dry skin uses a facial wash aimed at oily skins; at best it’s counterproductive and at worst it could create new problems.  However, if this is a personalised box and this is just me being finickity then sowwy…

As you can see, it’s a solid box but not a box worth gushing over for Glossybox June 2013.

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  • Helena
    June 19, 2013

    You got loads more products than me!

    Seaside Beauty

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