Montagne Jeunesse Body Smoothies Range


Montagne Jeunesse is a brand name that I’m sure most beauty junkies are familiar with, and if you’re not sure how or why, then chances are it’s due to the sachet masks that they’re most famous for.  However, recently they’ve started branching out, having launched a range of foot products (to digress hugely, the foot products come in what is apparently known as a “tottle” which I’ve never heard of before but sounds ridiculous cute and is actually the name for squeezy bottles that stand on their base…I need to find more ways to use this word in every day life) and now they’ve launched a small range of scrubs and moisturisers as part of their Body Smoothies range.

The infamous mask sachets from Montagne Jeunesse.

PIN IT The infamous mask sachets from Montagne Jeunesse.


Interestingly, for a brand who are fairly new to body products, they haven’t gone the fail-safe route of releasing body creams in the chocolate/vanilla/strawberry flavoured theme and have instead focused on some much more exotic flavours that match the Body Smoothie theme.  There are three body creams: Goji Berry, Black Raspberry and Buriti Fruit and one body scrub; Black Raspberry.  You might expect some horrifically synthetic flavours from products that are £6.49 each, but thankfully they smell natural albeit quite rich.


Performance wise I’m actually much more impressed than I thought I would be, if I’m honest! The body creams have a slight whipped consistency and they soak in fairly quickly, although the scent does tend to linger, so make sure you’re a fan before you apply.  I haven’t had a chance to try the body scrub yet.  My favourite is the Goji Berry smoothie since it contains peach and jojoba, two things I love, so if you like your body cream to smell of fresh, summery fruit then I’d recommend starting with this one.


All available now for £6.49 each.  For more info head to Montagne Jeunesse, or check out their Facebook page here.

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  • Helena
    June 7, 2013

    I really want to try these, they look so delicious even though they’re not edible!

    Seaside Beauty

  • Robin
    June 8, 2013

    These sound soo good. A must try for my b-day.

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