Daniel Sandler Eye Shadow Quads: Scandal at Midnight and Beyond Sunset

Daniel Sandler Beyond Sunset and Scandal at MidnightPIN IT

Daniel Sandler is one of those make-up brands that I think is always going to be a favourite with beauty bloggers.  There’s something quite charmingly intimate about the Daniel Sandler site, which contains what feels like an carefully selected edit of flattering and wearable make-up products.  There are three new Daniel Sandler quads to check out and I have two to show you.

Daniel Sandler Beyond Sunset

PIN IT Daniel Sandler Beyond Sunset


Beyond Sunset is the perfect name for this set of shades, which contain 3 warm neutrals and 1 taupe/charcoal shade.  If you’re like me and can never have enough neutrals in your life then you will need this palette, which allows for easy day looks as well as a smokier night look.  There’s a variety of finishes, ranging from matte to shimmer wash, meaning that there are quite a few possibilities available from this palette.

Daniel Sandler Scandal At Midnight

PIN IT Daniel Sandler Scandal At Midnight


Scandal at Midnight is the second palette I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with.  I’d say it still stays within the territory of wearable, daily neutrals, but it’s a much cooler take with three of the shades being slate/grey leaning.  This is actually my favourite of the two, mainly because I’ve been trying to play around with different colours (rather than my usual browns!) and this palette offers a very safe way to try new shades without going too far out of the comfort zone of typical nude shades.

Sheer Beauty

PIN IT Daniel Sandler Sheer Beauty


Sheer Beauty is currently on my wish list due to the inclusion of that amazing purple shade.  I absolutely love purple and grey eye looks at the moment as I think they’re a very grown-up way of doing girly, pretty eyes, and Sheer Beauty contains some amazing shades for achieving that.


The packaging for the palette is also spot-on; they’re solid and safe yet easy to work with and contain brilliant sized mirrors. I really like all the colour edits of each palette and think they’ve managed to avoid being too similar to everything else, which is quite a tricky achievement.  If I had to recommend one for everyone, I’d say you can’t go wrong with Beyond Sunset for it’s warm, easy and wearable shades.  All palettes available now priced at £28.

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  • Sarah
    July 9, 2013

    Hmm…not sure about Daniel Sandler tbh. Nothing has made me want to rush out and buy anything from the range. The shadows are nice but for £28 you could get a 5 square Inglot palette and fill it with any colours of your choosing.

    The colours are nice in the pan but not sure they look as pigmented on the skin. I definitely prefer Sheer Beauty too – the Taupe in it looks fab and the purpley colour is lovely.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Simply Woman Magazine

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