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…that there are now a multitude of ways to follow this blog if you so desire? It’s extremely exciting…

Something happened with Google yesterday that meant a lot of posts went out mentioning the benefits of following blogs through Bloglovin’.  I’ll be saying very little about that as I don’t actually understand what happened (what did Google do?!) but I thought I might as well take this as an opportunity to remind you of the various ways there are to follow me and keep up to date with my rambles.  I’ll start with the new ones:

If you don’t think you can get through the day without checking out what I’ve recently eaten, or what my dog might be doing, it’s time to follow me on Instagram.  I’m extremely new to it, find it obscenely self-indulgent with very little point, and as a consequence I *cannot* get enough of it.  Please follow me, new Instagram followers make me so very happy.

If pictures are your thing but you can’t handle the frequency of my Instagram updates, howsabout Pinterest? I’m a bit pants at keeping it updated but I definitely will try harder.  For you.  Because you’re important to me.  Yes, you.

If you don’t think I’m special at all and just want to follow a long list of beauty bloggers then head over to my personal platform of choice, Bloglovin’.  This is such a handy site that I think most people are using for blog following now, so here’s mine.  There’s also an app that’s actually very user-friendly, so why not download that as well?

If you’re still a hardcore Facebooker (I believe there are some of you still out there who haven’t moved over to Twitter yet; SHAME ON YOU) then I have something I think you might like…can you guess what it is? A Facebook page! It’s set to aut0-update with any new posts I write, but the crappy newish rules Facebook introduced a while ago to make money from page owners means that you won’t get to see many of my updates unless you do some fancy tinkering, of which me no understand.

If you fancy a bit of a chat, mixed with a few of my posts, plus links to my Instagram photos as and when I post them…basically, if you want it all, follow me on Twitter.

There we have it!  Now you have no excuse not to follow me.  I’ll be quizzing you soon.  Yes, you.


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  • Icaria
    July 2, 2013

    Looove your road sign! That one made me laugh! So true, isn’t Instagram self indulging but then again, dog and food are good aren’t they? *goes to click on follow* to see what you’re feeding Little Man. 🙂

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