ELF 50% Code and my Picks

ELF  Code July 2013PIN ITIt’s that time again, when ELF make our lives much more complicated by suggesting that we actually need a lot more make-up than we ever thought, due to the 50% code available on the already extremely purse-friendly brand.  The code is 500713, the minimum spend is £25 (plus p&p) and the code expires at the rather random time of 10.3oam on the 3rd July 2013.

Here’s a selection of five products that piqued my interest that might get you going.

Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Elf Baked Eyeshadow PalettePIN IT

This is quite a lovely looking selection of ten shimmery shadows available in two variants, either a bronze/nude themed selection called California, or this slate/purple/cool-leaning palette called NYC.  I have plenty of shades that fit into the California theme, but the NYC is a much more interesting selection at a bargainous £10.  Obviously with the promo code this reduces to £5, making it a rather ridiculous 50p a shadow…

Nicely Nude

ELf Nicely NudePIN IT

I heard about it ages ago, intended to blog it, then completely forgot as if often the case, as I’m 30 next year and definitely not getting any younger.  I love, love, LOVE the concept of this kit, which is weird because I’m not usually easily sold on ‘get the look’ style sets, but this one just speaks to me.  It’s a collection of four Studio products, all designed to give you that pared down, beachy look that is just so wonderfully summery.  This is £12, meaning with the code it’ll be just £6.

Tone Correcting Concealer

Elf Tone Correcting ConcealerPIN IT

No reason for this addition other than sheer curiosity, as the product blurb claims to correct tone, meaning that it should, in theory, have a similar impact to coloured primers that are having a bit of a moment this year.  Will it do as it promises? Who knows, but with the promo code it works out at 75p (original price £1.50) making it a very affordable risk.

Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick

Jumbo Lip Gloss StickPIN IT

Are you struggling to find a high street take on one of Clinique’s biggest power-players, Chubby Lips? You are? SERIOUSLY? Honestly, these Chubby style lip products are everywhere; just as every company and it’s sister released a BB Cream, so is the case with the Chubby lip product, and here are ELF’s offering.  In fairness, there are some wonderfully pretty pink shades on offer, and for £2.50 a pop (£1.25 with code) it wouldn’t be a costly risk to order a couple and see how they fare against their more established competitors.

Shimmer with Brush

Pink ShimmerPIN IT

This in the list purely and simply because there are two shades – Pink and Gold – which pretty much equates to cool and warm, and I like the idea that all skintones are covered as chances are high that one of those shades will work on your skin tone.  I’m sure the brush is just painful in every sense of the word, but at £2.50 (£1.25 with code) you could afford to buy both plus a decent brush from the ELF line – their brushes are probably some of the best, cheapies available and as someone who has happily spent a small fortune on brushes, the fact that a few ELF brushes are still being used on a daily basis says a lot.

There we have it!  A few ideas on new things to try from ELF.  Even purchasing all of the above suggestions – some of which I’ve mentioned buying a few of – won’t bring you quite up to the minimum spend of £25, so you still have room to add a few more bits and bobs.  Head on over ASAP as the good stuff always goes quickly.


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