Quick Pick Tuesday: Girlz Nailz Princess Rock Nail Wraps


I was recently sent a selection of nail wraps from Girlz Nailz, and if you’re a wrap fan then I strongly recommend checking them out as they’ve got a massive array of designs and are very reasonably priced.  They also come in packs of 22 which, in theory, allows for full hand and toe application; the toe ones are more squared to ensure a better fit.


I didn’t get on too well with these for two reasons: firstly, I have big fingers and I found it a really struggle to get them to fit as the finger nail ones were too small and the toe nails one were too big.  That and there just wasn’t enough give in the wrap itself to get a good stretch over the nail, so I ended up with a lot of creases which of course proved scratchy and meant the wraps didn’t last very long.  It’s such a shame as they have amazing designs and I had very high hopes for them, but I think only someone who’s really got the hang of wraps would get on well with these as they’re only any good for a few days wear.  On the plus side, they came off really easily and didn’t leave any nasty residue behind like a lot of other wraps do.  It’s a real shame as I got a lot of compliments on this design, but the joke was that they looked fabulous as long as I kept my hands moving; once they were still for inspection you could unfortunately see the many flaws.  If I get a chance over the next few weeks, I’ll try another design to see if it’s a issue with the design or the actual product itself.   The Princess Rock design is currently £4.99 here.

*PR Sample


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