MUFE HD Green Primer, HD Foundation Full Cover Concealer

MUFE HD Foundation, HD Green Primer and High Cover ConcealerPIN IT

I spoke about my recent introduction to the brilliance of corrective primers recently, so I thought I’d try and put together a post that demonstrates how good a green tinged primer can be if you’re prone to redness or suffer from acne scars like I do.  I’ve also been meaning to review the MUFE HD Foundation for a while, so here be the combination of the two posts!

Top Full Cover Concealer, middle HD Foundation, Bottom Green Primer.

PIN IT Top Full Cover Concealer, middle HD Foundation, Bottom Green Primer.


First with my thoughts on the products; MUFE HD Foundation is as good as you’ve no doubt read about.  It’s just got this wonderful quality that leaves skin looking exactly like skin, just hugely improved.  If you have awkward skin like mine you’ll need something else for added coverage, but if you have normal or mildly breakout prone skin then this is all you’ll need.  It doesn’t break me out, strikes that tricky balance between dewy and matte and is an all round winner for me.


MUFE HD Green Primer is a very liquid primer aimed at reducing redness, which is does amazingly well.  It’s started a real love affair for me with green products (I have a few to tell you about soon) as they work so well at toning down the harshness of post-inflammatory pigmentation, meaning you end needing a lot less coverage from other products.  I wouldn’t say this primer is the best I’ve tried – mainly because actually as a primer itself it isn’t amazing – but as a colour-corrective it’s very good and one pump is more than enough.  Full Cover Concealer is the let down for me as it just doesn’t justify it’s hefty price tag.  It’s okay, and it does conceal, so for people who don’t need hardcore coverage it would be pretty fab, but for me it’s just not heavy enough.  Great colour match though! I bought this in a shade number 6, the foundation in 117 and the primer is number 1.

Before and after Green Primer

PIN IT Left bare skin, middle with primer, end with primer followed by foundation.


Above we have an *extremely* flattering picture collection which hopefully shows you just how effective green colour correction can be.  Keep in mind that it isn’t a concealer and is just a primer; big difference isn’t it?  I haven’t gone for a high coverage finish in this look, but adding colour correction to the mix makes high coverage very accessible.  Even if I’m just bunging on a bit of BB cream for the day, I colour correct first as it saves a lot of faff in the long-run!

Fully finished look.

PIN IT Fully finished look.


All the products I’ve mentioned were purchased at IMATS as MUFE is notoriously tricky to get hold of in the UK, but thankfully Guru Make-up Emporium stock MUFE so they’re worth checking out.



  • Louisa
    July 11, 2013

    I had wondered what MUFE products were like, always being on the lookout for a non-heavy, non-shiny, non-powdery, yet good at redness covering concealer, primer and foundation! Thanks for the pics too. It’s helpful to actually see what the products do whereas some beauty blogs just show the product.

  • Leanne
    July 11, 2013

    Wow, I can’t believe what a difference that green primer makes! Glad you’ve found yourself a winning combination x

  • Icaria
    July 11, 2013

    Thank you Sascha for this, that primer is interesting and I’ll have a closer look at it since I have a bit of redness on my cheeks. Have you tried Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge? Is this brand available in the UK? That one does give a hard core coverage and is so inexpensive.

  • Laura @Travelocafe
    July 11, 2013

    Thank you so much. This is really helpful.

  • madeline connolly
    July 13, 2013

    looks good

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    […] whilst 5 months pregnant, I was that desperate to get hold of their infamous HD Foundation – review here that includes a very accurate demonstration on the effectiveness of a good green primer, also MUFE) […]

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