NuBo Equalaser Blemish Control

NuBo Equalaser Blemish Control TreatmentPIN ITI’m in a conflict at the moment as I’m thrilled that we seem to be at a point in the beauty world where there are loads of awesome new releases aimed at blemish-prone skin that aren’t just glorified Benzyl Peroxide products laced with lots of alcohol, but I’m annoyed that I can’t really try any of them as the majority are making full use of the benefits of salicylic acid, which I can’t use when pregnant.  Hmph.  Still, only just over three months to go…

The NuBo Equalaser Blemish Control is a treatment product aimed at dealing with spots and congestion.  I really like the scientific philosophy behind NuBo’s approach – they really know their stuff but they don’t take “scientific” to mean “pack the product full of chemicals” – so when I heard they were adding some blemish control products to their line I was extremely excited!

They haven’t gone overboard with ingredients, and have instead focused mainly on two actives; the aforementioned salicylic acid and the anti-inflammatory Irish Moss.  These two gentle ingredients might be a little too delicate for those with hardcore, hormonal acne, but for generally spot prone skin this sounds like such a fantastic treatment, and I’m especially pleased to see that it seems to be aimed at adult spot-sufferers too.  It’s available now from NuBo online or Fenwicks for £79, and I can’t wait to read some reviews on it!



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