Clarisonic News: New Shop and New Mia Additions

We all know I love my Clarisonic as I’ve banged on enough about it on here throughout the last two years, so I won’t start-up again, but if you fancy reading my Clarisonic-fueled gushes then search Clarisonic and prepare to settle down for a bit.  About a month into my pregnancy when I was absolutely shattered and struggling with the morning sickness, my Clarisonic brush ran out of charge and I didn’t get around to charging it for another 4 months or so…I realise that sounds a bit mental but that’s what happened! So when I visited the new Clarisonic stand at House of Fraser last week, all the skincare chat got me in the mood for some more Clarisonic-loving, and I swiftly charged the brush so it was ready for action again.  As expected, I’m back in love and will definitely give myself a good kicking if I stop using it again as it really makes such a noticeable difference.

Clarisonic Shop House of FraserPIN IT

As briefly mentioned, House of Fraser now have a Clarisonic stand which is absolutely awesome because it takes the guess work out of purchasing what is a fairly expensive product.  You can now pop along and mooch through the various Clarisonic products at your leisure, get advice on the right brushes, stock up on your extras if you already have a Clarisonic and keep an eye on what’s new from the brand.  My pictures are pants, but it is actually a really well set-up stand that allows you to comfortably browse the products and get a good feel for the brand.  I heartily recommend if you’ve ever been back and forth about whether to take the plunge and invest.

Clarisonic Mia Ipanema, Grey and LeblonPIN IT

If you need any more encouragement to jump on the Clarisonic bandwagon, there are three new additions to the Mia family.  Mia is the smaller, cuter and travel-friendly version of the Clarisonic Plus (the one I have) and it’s slightly more basic, but also slightly more purse-friendly.  The three new additions to the Mia range are two summer inspired new shades – Ipanema, a bright and hot pink, and Leblon, a striking turquoise as well as a new grey shade that’s designed to be a little more male-friendly.  OBVIOUSLY I want the Ipanema pink one, but I actually really like the concept behind the grey one as I do think men are getting more and more into beauty as there’s certainly less of a stigma attached, so it’s great that there’s something on the market that’s been ‘butched-up’ to cater for men who take care of their skin.  Everything mentioned is available now, with the Mias priced at £125; Ipanema and Lebon are limited edition.


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