FOTD: Illamasqua Sacred Hour

Illamasqua Sacred Hour

This is just a quick post focusing on the main elements of the new Illamasqua Sacred Hour collection, with emphasis on the incredibly subtle way you can play with the products.  I do enjoy bright make-up, but most of the time – and for everyday wear – I enjoy the whole “barely-there make-up look” with hints of gentle colour and contouring, which this collection is ideal for.  It contains flattering, buildable shades that lend themselves to enhancement rather than anything too flamboyant.

Illamasqua Sacred Hour palette

I’ve deliberately kept all application as a wash rather than building up colour.  This is quite literally just a swipe of Dart from the Reflection palette over the whole upper eyelid and under the lower eyelid with one coat of mascara.  On the cheeks is Peaked buffed in with a contouring brush and on the lips is an extremely gentle application of my beloved Shard, that I’ve been wearing quite a bit since I got it; it’s the perfect lazy girl colour as you can get away with very little make-up on the face and still look like you’re making a real effort…

Illamasqua Sacred Hour FOTD

I promise to stop banging on about this collection now, as this is the third post focusing on it, but I will say that I hope this FOTD shows that Illamasqua produce incredibly versatile products that can be built-up or dressed down depending on what you fancy.  Everything from Illamsqua Sacred Hour is now available both online and instore.  For my rundown of the collection have a look here, and for my closer look at the new Skin Base Lift, have a look here.


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