Quick Pick Tuesday: Method Hand Washes

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I realise it’s a big ask to get excited about a hand wash, but to be honest, considering the basic role they fulfill in our day-t0-day lives, I think there are plenty of ways they can go rather wrong! For example, they can lather too much or too little, smell bad, leave a residue or dry out hands.  So I have a standard for my hand washes and I really like these offerings from Method.

I was sent two variants of the four available Method hand washes; French Lavender and Sweet Water.  I haven’t had a chance to try Sweet Water yet, as to be honest I saw the lavender one and figured I’d want to get it used up and out of the way as I’m not a fan of lavender as a scent.  However, I’m pleasantly surprised to report that it’s that very rare, fresh lavender scent that translates as pretty and floral rather than OAP.  I absolutely love the packaging of these as I think they’re very attractive, and hint at a value far greater than their £2.49 price tag, plus the pump dispenser is easy to use and very functional.  All-in-all, I’m extremely happy with the Method Hand Washes as they foam just the right amount, smell lovely, look great, leaves hands soft and don’t cost the earth, so they’ll be definite repurchases from me.

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