Taylor by Taylor Swift EDP

Taylor by Taylor Swift

I’m no fragrance snob; a scent doesn’t have to be exclusive or expensive for me to love it and I’ve fallen equally hard for £10 perfumes as I have for £100 perfumes.  However, if you had told me last year that I’d not only consider a celebrity-endorsed fragrance, I’d actually really like it too, I’d have definitely thought you were winding me up…Yet here we are with my review of Taylor Swift’s fragrance and I’m happy to report it’s a bit of a beaut.

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Interestingly, this is Taylor’s third fragrance and she’s actually won an award for one of her previous releases.  Taylor by Taylor Swift is a rich, creamy and fairly intensely feminine scent, with floral and fruity top notes of tangerine, lychee and magnolia petals.  The heart notes continue the floral theme with peonies, hydrangeas and vanilla orchids, but the base notes stop it getting too sickly and antiquated with the more woody notes of sandalwood and cashmere musk, with a hint of apricot nectar.


It’s extremely strong and consequently will last a while! One spray too close to my clothes is all it takes for my mum to comment on it’s intensity, so I’ve found doing the “Phoebe-from-Friends” perfume walk after spraying it into the air is the best way to distribute it effectively.  It’s also very long-lasting and you can still pick up a good hit of it when getting ready for bed.

Taylor by Taylor Swift

The bottle for this is extremely pretty and shoots well above it’s price range.  It’s a glass vial shape with a rather retro, “pucci-esque” flat top, which leads into a crystal lid embellished with a removable pearl ribbon on elastic.  There’s a lot of attention to detail which I think works so well and in keeping with the fragrance.  There we have it! My first ever celeb fragrance and I’m really impressed.  It’s sensually and aesthetically pleasing and priced very well, so it’s definitely a solid addition to the perfume market.  It starts at £23 for the 30ml going up to £39 for 100ml.  There’s also a 10ml rollerball available at Superdrug for £12 if you’re not quite ready to commit! Available Nationwide as well as at Superdrug and The Perfume Shop.

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