Five More Uses for Konjac Sponges


My name is Sascha and I’m a Konjacolic.  I realise that makes me sound a little bit like I’ve got a digestive issue, but you get where I was going with that, right? I recently wrote a long and rambling review professing my love for Konjac Sponges which are a range of awesome facial sponges that I seriously cannot get enough of, mainly because they’re so cheap and slot into any skincare routine.  They have quite a few uses so I wanted to share five more, just in case you can’t be arsed to read my 1000 word essay of a review.


For me, there is no better way to wake up my skin now than with a Konjac soaked in cold water and worked around my face.  It really does wake up skin and remove all signs of tiredness and night time skincare.  I do this every day as it buffs skin just enough to give it a toned and smooth finish ready for make-up.

Mask Removal

I have two Konjac Facial Sponges; Bamboo Charcoal which is my everyday sponge, and French Green Clay which I use purely for mask removal.  What’s great about using a Konjac for mask removal is that it rinses up so well, so no matter what kind of monstrosity you’re using as a mask, be it clay, charcoal or all the other tricky to remove formulas, a Konjac makes light work of it and rinses up completely clean of product.

Whitehead Removal 

Yeah…it’s a bit of a grim topic but it’s definitely worth mentioning if you’re spot-prone.  The great thing about my BR skincare routine is how it pulls spots to the surface extremely quickly, but the result is that they’ll form a whitehead.  I have always struggled with whiteheads as I can’t just leave them there looking grim, so I have to remove them, which is something that can be done safely if you’re not clumsy.  A Konjac soaked in warm water and pressed over the spot a few times to open the pore before gently buffed away works a treat and I am yet to bleed with this approach.

Eye Exfoliation

We have to tread sooo carefully around the delicate eye area as the skin is so thin, but it’s still skin and it still benefits from a gentle buffing, which the Konjac is perfect for.  You can either use the side of the sponge or the edge to gently exfoliate.

Hot and Cold Compress

If you need to feel fully cleansed skin in the morning then a good way of achieving this is with one full round on the face with the sponge saturated in hot water, followed by a full round with cold water, then repeat.  It’s time consuming, but it gives you that fresh, dewy, thoroughly cleansed look without the added cost of an expensive cleanser.

I use my Konjac every morning and every evening and extra on mask days.  Regular readers will know how much I’m willing and happy to spend on skincare, but I’d say that the Konjac Sponge is the one thing that’ll continue to regularly feature in my skincare as it makes such a huge difference…and it’s less than a tenner! Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge can be found here.  Okay, I promise to stop going on about it!


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