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Here’s a treatment I think all expectant mothers will want to know about, since it involves the use of a specially created bed, designed specifically for the use of pregnant women during massage; isn’t that fabulous? K Spa invited me to experience their Prenatal Massage and I jumped at the chance; having familiarised myself with K Spa online and seen the amazing pictures and reviews, I felt this was the place for me!

K Spa

The Spa itself is just gorgeous and everything you’d want from a hour/day of relaxing pampering.  They’ve really got everything covered and there are all sorts of experiences included in your visit such as Snow Paradise; like the reverse of a sauna which could not be more welcome if you’re struggling with this humidity or, indeed, happen to be pregnant and suffering with temperature issues.  There’s also an amazing chill-out room that you can pop into post-treatment where there’s a flowing fountain, comfy beds, soft lighting and privacy if you’re in need of a doze.  Every element of the relaxation experience is catered for, so if you’re looking for somewhere to mellow out for a few hours and really make a big difference to your well-being, I really do rate K Spa.


The treatment I was booked in for had my interest piqued since I knew the bed was a specialist bit of equipment designed to ensure comfort during the massage whilst pregnant.  Pregnant women cannot lay on their front without it being extremely uncomfortable (and not great for baby!) but of course most massage treatments are best performed in this position, so K Spa have addressed this with this slightly crazy contraption:

K Spa Pregnancy Massage Bed

You can comfortably lay face down on this bed, and all the right bits of your body are supported; there’s a big dip where your bump can go, but cushions line each side to support bump.  In a way, you’re almost in a supported ‘all-fours’ position, as your legs remain bent.  The only problem I had with this positioning was that it put a bit more pressure on my face.  For most people this wouldn’t be an issue, but I can never fit my (rather long…) face into those massage holes without either my chin or forehead getting a bit of a pummelling during the treatment, but as I said, this is nothing to do with the table and instead a problem I always have during massages, annoyingly! The massage itself was brilliant; I had a great therapist who had a lot of experience with pregnant women and was obviously well trained.  She knew where to focus – where typical pregnancy issues tend to hit like neck and shoulders and really worked away all the tension I was suffering from carrying my Little Man.  I was offered one of two Aromatherapy Associates oils for the treatment (pregnant women are quite limited on what essential oils can be used so it was down to either Rose or Chamomile for me; I went for Chamomile) and the 55 minute treatment absolutely flew by! I was extremely zonked out afterwards, so the time I spent in the chill room was a welcome respite before I jumped in my car and headed home.  I really enjoyed my visit to K Spa and I will definitely return for an afternoon once Little Man is here, so I can take full advantage of all the facilities available.  The Prenatal Massage at K Spa lasts 55 minutes and costs £85.  For more information, head to the K Spa site here.

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