Wordless Wednesday: Funnies about Blogging






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Fancy Writing a Guest Post?

Funny Pregnant Blogging

Right, time to share with you some news.  I think I’ve done a really good job at keeping this secret, but I’m actually pregnant.  I know! PREGNANT!! It isn’t as if I’ve spent the last 8 months banging on about … read more.

Japonesque Colour


Japonesque are one of those brands that have never really reached their full potential as a leading beauty brand in the UK.  Up until recently, they were brush and accessory specialists and boy did they have that nailed; I lost … read more.

Skinceuticals Skincare and Sk:n Clinics


I go through phases with skincare.  Sometimes I cannot think of a worst way to spend my time than faffing about with make-up removal and serum application, and I can just about muster the energy to use a couple of … read more.

Guest Post: Dry Skin Do’s and Don’t’s

Guest Post Temp Sanctuary

Dry skin has many causes, including age, climate, diet and genetic factors as well as some medications and topical products. Signs of dry skin include rough, flaking or cracking skin, itching skin, and chapped lips. And while it’s natural that … read more.

Urban Decay Shattered Face Case


Urban Decay are one of those brands that looks at current beauty trends and figures out ways to make them more enticing and wearable for everyday people like me, whilst still maintaining a level of excitement without compromising on the … read more.

Quick Pick Tuesday: Imperial Leather Foamburst

Today I’m bringing you to a rather lovely, multi-tasking, budget buy by the name of Imperial Leather Foamburst, which, as the name suggests, is a foaming shower gel.  There are seven variants available with some really gorgeous scents such as … read more.

Halloween Face Lace – Broomchicks and Va Va Tomb

Halloween Face LaceI haven’t been “out-out” (as in, dressed-up-and-drinking out) since March this year, for the obvious reason being that I’m pregnant and going out-out in my condition is inappropriate, apparently.  Nothing has made me more jealous of you non-pregnant party-goers than … read more.