The Importance of “Me Time”


Boots very kindly sent me a couple of goodies recently – a set of masks and beautiful nail polish – with the message behind it being how important is it to put time aside for a “me time”.  Me time can be pretty much anything that involves being selfish for a little while whilst indulging in things that make you feel pampered.  This can be anything from half an hour with a good book, to half an hour filing and painting your nails.  The point is, it’s so important for well-being, and obviously I wholeheartedly agree, and tend to give myself plenty of Me Time on a weekly basis, although this will probably become a little more restricted when Little Man arrives next month.

Me Time is something that I think we don’t tend to prioritise, but really should; a little while ago I put aside a couple of hours and did everything from waxing my legs, to a full home facial, painting my toes and fingers and deep conditioning my hair.  There was no reason for this other than pure pampering and I felt so, so good afterwards! The thing is, it really doesn’t need to be expensive either as you can get mask sachets for your hair and face, cheap and cheery nail varnishes from Rimmel or Seventeen, and sachets of depilatory cream for a spot of hair removal.  In fact, here’s five products for less than £9 that’ll give you some serious pampering goodness:

Montagne Jeunesse Peel-Off Mask – £1.00

Nair Hair Removal Cream Sachet – £0.99

Natural Collection Hydrating Hair Mask – £1.00

Seventeen Nail Polish x 2 (1 for toes, 1 for hands) – £5.98

Total = £8.97.

That’s five products for less than ten pounds that will give you several hours of at-home pampering, and that’s without taking into account the numerous deals and promotions Boots often runs.  Set yourself a challenge: once a week, put aside a whole hour just for Me Time and I guarantee you won’t regret it!


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