Instagram Weekly No.15

I was doing rather brilliantly, if I do say so myself, up until last week with the whole heavily pregnant whatnot, but I’ve slowed right down now as I’m officially heavy and fed up.  Still! Three and a bit weeks and the Little Man will be here…crazy stuff.  I’ve still been trying my best to keep up to date with my Instagram feed, so please do say hi if you’re on there.

Instagram Weekly No.15


Top Row

My new skincare love: Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator.  It’s the most gentle yet effective exfoliator I’ve ever come across! Currently using it twice a day and it’s awesome.  

FINALLY nice nails again thanks to MILK Beauty.  Can’t handle sitting for long enough to do my own nails, so it is so nice to have pretty nails again.  This shade is Boots No7 Me Me Me. 

If you find yourself in the company of Lotus biscuits, you’re probably at a hairdressers…

Middle Row

I binged at L’Oreal.  Again.  Really loving Julianne’s Collection Privee shade; a glorious and very wearable pink. 

New Hair, Don’t Care…But I do! I do care!! I’ve gone darker and more shaggy for the winter and I absolutely love it, so thank you muchly Nicole at Headmasters in Notting Hill. 

Bobbi Brown gets her smoke on with the newly launched Kajal pencils.  As expected, they’re amazing and extremely easy to work with.  

Bottom Row

Late night delivery from Lola.  Looking forward to trying that gorgeous nail shade. 

Mixed Grill is the answer for a very hungry, pregnant, Anaemia sufferer…

Marian Keyes visited my blog and Tweeted a link! Thus proving you’re in excellent company 😉 

More musings (erm…) next week, but if you cannot possibly wait that long then head over to my regularly updated Instagram feed here.


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