Instagram Weekly No.16

It’s been another odd week for me as obviously I’m still on the wind-down as I prepare to have Little Man in a couple of weeks, but there’s also been quite a new releases for me to get excited about, so it’s been a bit of a balancing act! As always, please do follow me on Instagram here if you don’t already.

Instagram Weekly No.16

Top Row

A gorgeous delivery of Apivita goodies including face masks and lip balms.  I’ve just run out of the Rose lip balm so the timing of this was perfect!

Sleek have launched two new mascaras, one of which has a rather funky wand.

Pure make-up porn comes in the shape of this Shattered Face Case from Urban Decay. 

Middle Row

Simple kindly sent me some lovely treats in time for the arrival of Little Man. 

This was the week of the #NYXinNext Lip of the Day Challenge.  Here was my first upload wearing the Mega Shine Lipgloss in LaLa. 

I can never have too many Costa Caramel Lattes.  Almost as I type this I’m attempting to persuade my Dad to get me one.  Added bonus is that Little Man loves a bit of (decaff) coffee! 

Bottom Row

Porn Palette numero 2! This is the Glampact which is a fully customisable palette stuffed full of beauty goodies; review coming soon. 

Pregnancy, Aneamia and iron supplements have given me a nasty breakout, which means I’m back on seriously heavy coverage.  I’ve got stuck back into Estee Lauder Double Wear and it is seriously gorgeous, so I think I’ll review it fully soon. 

Last but not least, my hair woes continue with regards to the pregnancy lankness, but Remington have come to the rescue with this *amazing* styling brush that smooth flyaways, adds bounce and volume and is just fantastic for limp and/or greasy hair, as well as layered hair as it really shows them off. 

There we have my Instagram weekly no.16.  In a couple of weeks, there’ll be a baby picture featuring on my Instagram feed…that picture will be of my baby, just in case you think I’ve decided to start including random baby pictures in my Instagram feed…


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