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Japonesque are one of those brands that have never really reached their full potential as a leading beauty brand in the UK.  Up until recently, they were brush and accessory specialists and boy did they have that nailed; I lost their blusher brush a few weeks ago and I really felt the loss on a daily basis as literally nothing compares.  Thankfully I found it again, and when I saw it I yelped so excitedly that both the dog and the baby bump jumped!


Japonesque were at Boots, and when they first landed I really thought they’d steal the beauty brush show, but for reasons I can’t fathom they just didn’t make their mark.  However, I feel that’s all about to change as they’ve come storming back with a brand new range of colour cosmetics that are not only stunning to look at (oh the packaging!) but appear to be extremely high quality as well.


I haven’t used enough from the brand to fully assess the products, but at the launch  I saw quite a few makeovers, so from the brand you can expect highly pigmented but wearable shades of colour and decent yet natural coverage from base products.


Price wise they’re going in at the mid-high range, which is whereabouts their brushes sat so it makes sense.  To give you a rough idea, the Velvet Touch Blush is £18, the Luminous Foundation is £24 and the Pro Performance Lipstick and Lip Lacquer are both £15.


The packaging is really interesting as apparently it’s been designed so no two products are the same, meaning that each product you purchase is totally unique! The full range is currently exclusive to John Lewis, and if you’re interested in finding out more then they’ve put together a pretty fab introduction to the brand which you can check out here – link.



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