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Seven lipsticks, seven looks, er, eight days because I’m a bit rubbish, and now a fabulous competition that I’ll be launching in the next post to give you a chance to win all of the lip products used in the NYX in Next challenge.  Here’s a quick run down of the lippies I tried:


First up was the Mega Shine Lipgloss in La La which I think was probably the most flattering on me out of the lot.  It’s a peachy/pinky nude that works really well for either a lazy make-up day or a smokey eye.


Here we have the Xtreme Lip Cream in Absolute Red.  It’s a deep, dark, vampy red that’s actually really lovely, but unfortunately I was shattered when I took this picture and boy do I look it…The Extreme Lip Creams are really interesting as they pack some serious pigment but still feel very creamy, so I’m not sure I can compare them to anything else I’ve come across, but I do really like them.


This is the Matte Lipstick in Nude.  Nude lipsticks (especially those that lean peach) don’t tend to suit me very well, which is sadly the case with this Nude shade from NYX, which has given me Alien face.  Interestingly, the Matte lipsticks are actually a really lovely finish as they aren’t chalky but they still maintain that velvety matte look.


This was taken on the same day as the above picture with the Nude shade, which I think effectively proves what difference a lipstick shade makes! This is Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land, which is a pinky nude shade  that I think is a lot more flattering.


This rosy pink Matte Lipstick is one of my favourites as it’s such an easy and gentle shade to wear.  The Matte formula keeps it fresh and the slight blue leaning makes this very flattering.


This is the final shade of the Matte Lipsticks that formed part of the challenge, and man does this shade pack some pigment! I had two drinks and a cake and this shade was still as fresh looking as when first applied.  Plus, when it started to fade it was an even fade, so there was no bright pink lip line leftover, thankfully.  This shade is Shocking Pink, a very purpley shade of pink.


The last lippy in the line-up is the Mega Shine Lipgloss in Plus Red, which is a strong, fairly neutral red shade that again has solid colour payoff.  This had a very strong marzipan flavour which I wasn’t too sure on, but for a lipgloss it really does cling to the lips and doesn’t slide all over the place, making it a great choice if you’re a fan of  a strong red lip.

There we have all seven of my LOTD looks that celebrated the arrival of NYX into Next.  I’ve purchased quite a few NYX products, and I’ve also been lucky enough to be sent a few, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt letdown by the brand, so if you’re unfamiliar, now’s the time to head to your nearest Next to find out more about NYX and keep an eye out for my next post which will give you a chance to win the full collection.

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