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Obviously Little Man is well and truly on his way, so I’ve been making changes to the way I blog in anticipation of his arrival.  The biggest change being how much I blog; I used to blog every day, six days a week and gave myself Friday nights off, which would mean nothing would publish on a Saturday.  However, I’m now publishing 2-3 posts a day, Monday to Friday, and giving myself Saturdays and Sundays off.

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This means that I publish between 10-15 posts a week which ensures I can deliver a lot more content, which therefore results in what I hope is a more interesting blog to follow! One of the great bonuses of this is that I can take on more promotional content which means more competitions and better prizes.  For example, at the moment there are two competitions running, both of which you can enter by clicking on the box to the right that looks likes this:

I’ll do my best to keep the competition feed up to date so whenever you click on the above box it takes you through to all current competitions.  The consequence of publishing so much more content is that the competition posts can get swallowed up quite quickly, so I’m hoping this is a helpful way of keeping them on the main page.  Update wise that’s about it! Little Man will be here on the 7th November 2013, assuming all goes as planned, which is 16 days from now…


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