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Regular readers will know that I started a new long-term review with the kings of super-luxury skincare, Biologique Recherche, and as part of the review, I had a facial assessment and treatment at EF Medispa.  Before I review the treatment, I want to clarify something; this is a phenomenal facial treatment that is completely bespoke (by this I mean that every stage is decided based on your skin type and what it needs at that exact point in time) but such tailor-made treatments come at a price.  This type of facial starts at £250, but the one I had is priced at £500 due to the fact that it involved several booster products.  It’s virtually impossible for me to accurately judge this treatment based on price, as I’m not part of the key demographic that such a luxurious facial is aimed at, such as those with massively disposable incomes who can happily blow a few hundred pound on an amazing facial treatment.  I also realise that a lot of my readers will be more like me than the aforementioned types, so I’m keeping that in mind whilst writing this review…however, the wonderful people at Biologique Recherche (BR to make my life easier!) are allowing me to giveaway a bespoke facial similar to the one I had to a lucky Beauty Geek reader, so keep eyes peeled for that as I’ll be launching that before I go on my baby leave later this week.


Anyway! Back to the facial itself.  BR is a whole new world of skincare that any skincare junkies will want to immerse themselves in.  Leave your skincare preconceptions at the door as – and this is coming from someone who really is very into skincare – I am completely unfamiliar with the majority of the ingredients and formulations that make-up the BR range but I have really enjoyed getting my Google on and finding out what they do and how they can help me.  The skincare lines works in unity with the facial treatments, and I believe most, if not all, products used in the facials can also be used as part of a skincare prescription.


My facial involved a deep and thorough cleanse (all with cold winter which was interesting but actually worked really well and tightening and plumping my skin) before the exfoliation began on my face, neck and upper chest.  I’m not normally a fan of manual exfoliation, but this was such an expertly applied procedure that focused on lifting and tightening the skin, to the extent where only one side of my face was done at a time so I could see the significant difference in tone and lift before the full face was done.  This was then followed by the Masque Vivant before the bespoke serums were applied at finishing products.


My skin was gleaming, tight, toned, clean and fresh looking, making this easily the most effective facial I’ve ever had with regards to quick results.  I really do struggle with the price, but if this were around £100 a go I would absolutely be addicted and have this regularly; as part of my long-term review I’ll be having another one soon and I honestly cannot wait.  It isn’t particularly pampering and leans more towards functional (although there are pampering elements such as the massaging cleanse to start with) but boy does this show results.  To be brutally honest, if you somehow have £250 spare for a skincare investment then I would recommend investing in the skincare range to take home rather than the facial itself, but if you’re someone who is more than comfortable spending large amounts on facial treatments that work, then you definitely need to try a BR facial.  My facial was performed at the Kensington branch of EF Medispa, but there are 2 other branches in London, more of which you can find out about here – link.  Don’t forget I’ll be launching the competition to win a facial shortly, and I also have some promotional info for a BR facial that I’ll tell you about in another post soon.

*PR appointment



  • madeline connolly
    November 5, 2013

    like to try

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  • Kitten
    June 23, 2015

    Hi Sasha, thank you for this review. Can you please recommend a salon in London where I would be able to get a free consultation on BR products and buy them for use at home instead of a salon? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, K.

    • Sascha
      July 12, 2015

      Hi Kitten,

      So sorry for the late reply! I would recommend checking out EF Medispa; I’m fairly confident they don’t charge for a chat about their products but I would give them a call before heading over just in case! BR are an amazing range so they’re well worth investing in xx

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