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Sadly, pregnancy has not been kind to my skin, and whilst I’ve had some incredible skincare to play with, I’ve felt a lot like I was just about staying above water with regards to some crazy acne breakouts.  This was confirmed when I went into hospital last week for Ed’s arrival and have neglected my skin for the past week; it’s horrifying how quickly it’s deteriorated and I’m now the proud wearer of skin reminiscent of a 13 year old boy.  Fun! Although it’s difficult to care about such things with my beautiful boy to stare at, but this needs to change ASAP as it is not a good look for me.  Anyway! I do love a good peel, especially an at home kit, and I keep hearing great things about Bravura London, so I thought I’d head over to their site and see if anything took my fancy.  I was still pregnant when I familiarised myself with Bravura, so I wasn’t able to order a peel, but the Dermaflannel is advertised as a product that is as effective as a peel yet safe for use during pregnancy, so I decided to order one and see what it was like.

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I’ll admit that I was a little dubious about the “peel-like” claims as I didn’t fully understand how that was possible, but considering I’ve tried most peels – both in clinic and at-home – I thought that at the very least, my thoughts on the Dermaflannel would make for good blog content.  The key to the success of the Dermaflannel is due to the weave of the material which creates an exfoliating cloth.  There are several ways to use this depending on what sort of result you’re looking for, but the crux of it involves sweeping the cloth lightly, with moderate pressure or firmly across the face, whilst being careful not to cover the same area more than once.  I threw myself straight in and went for firm strokes, and to be honest, I didn’t tread particularly carefully with avoiding covering the same area, but I have extremely tough skin and I know its limits, so I do recommend following the instructions until you’re confident with the impact the product has on your skin.

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I am really impressed with the Dermaflannel; so much more than I expected to be.  It’s a really good mix between a chemical-style exfoliator but with the pleasure of manual exfoliation, so it’s a great product for those who love the feeling of manual exfoliation but worry about the impact it might have on their skin.  I would say this is very much like a mild at-home peel as it definitely freshens the skin, improves overall texture and exfoliates beautifully.  It’s also a very effective deep cleanser which you can see after the first time you use it.  I had cleansed three times before using this and all cotton wool was coming away completely clean, yet the Dermaflannel managed to pull away a little more dirt and grub which appeared as grubby smudges on the flannel…lovely! I love things like that though as I’m always eager to see immediate signs that something is effective.

Bravura London DermaflannelPIN IT

The Bravura London Dermaflannel is not a bad skincare investment at all, as I can see it being beneficial to all skin types -even sensitive, although patch test and tread carefully! – as it’s such a good exfoliator that doesn’t dry, strip or scratch skin, and instead has proven to be an effective alternative to peels.  It’s also well priced at £11.99 – link – although the postage is a little steep at £3.40, which might not sound a lot, but it’s only a flannel so it can’t be that expensive to post! I also rate the company who have uploaded a video to YouTube demonstrating how the flannel is used (whilst showing off the creator’s amazing skin – link) and they seem to have a solid collection of skincare products with formulations that I really rate, so I’ll definitely be trying other things soon.

*Purchased by me


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  • AgentSmyth
    November 14, 2013

    This sounds lovely! I’m totally with you on the pregnancy skin, I never got the ‘bloom’ either 🙁 I love the sound of this flannel though, I’m not a muslin person so I’m certainly be buying a few of these. Great review, thanks x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

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