Quick Pick Tuesday: Heaven Skincare EllaJane Celebrity Organic Face Wipes

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Apologies for the use of a press image for a review feature; I’m two days off having my Little Man and I honestly just cannot face dragging the light box out and setting it all up to take pictures of these wipes.  You know what a wipe looks like, right?  Heaven Skincare EllaJane Celebrity Organic Face Wipes are known in the industry for their catchy name…or not, but they are created by skincare expert Deborah Mitchell, and even though I’m horrified to be featuring my second post about skincare wipes in as many months, these definitely deserve some acknowledgement.

I’ll add my skincare wipe disclosure first, which is to state that these should never, ever be used in place of a cleansing routine.  For me, these are purely make-up removal pads and I still double cleanse afterwards or before bed depending on how organised I’ve been.  Wipes are just not capable of removing make-up and dirt and thoroughly cleansing skin, so if you just use these then you’re doing your skin an injustice.

The wipes are thick, luxurious and lightly textured and really do feel like the creme of wipes, if that’s at all possible.  They’re infused with Apple Pectin to exfoliate, Honey to heal and peppermint oil to treat blemishes.  Unfortunately they smell absolutely awful; they remind me of the smell of the gas used to knock people out before surgery – I kid you not – but that’s mainly the mix of peppermint and honey (they don’t really go well together) and as I have quite an aversion to peppermint scents, I probably find this smell harder to stomach that most would.  I’m in the habit of using one of these wipes as soon as I get home to remove make-up (they’re fine around the eyes, surprisingly, considering the peppermint) and gently buff skin so that my skin has a few make-up free hours before I start on my nightly cleansing ritual, and I like them very much, so I will inevitably repurchase.  They’re £7.30 for 30 here – link – which to me is extremely reasonable considering how thick and muslin-like they are, as well as the ingredients they contain.

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  • Press and blog reviews revisited from 2013……. | Heaven EllaJane
    December 26, 2013
  • Deborah
    August 19, 2015

    What a brilliant blog

    • Sascha
      August 21, 2015

      Thnaks so much Deborah! xx

  • Ella Jane
    October 19, 2015

    Hello thank you for your honest review. (Ella Jane facial wipes) I am sorry to hear you do not like the smell as you are only person to say they do not like the smell. You will be pleased to know we are producing other wipes for different combinations. I don’t think you grasped the concept of the wipes. I produced them not to take of makeup but to be safe and not contain alcohol which most wipes do. As this strips the skin. If you look at the ingredients in other wipes and look what they really do contain you would be very surprised. My wipes are very very safe to the point if you really want to you could put them in your child’s mouth. But thank you again for your review. Ella Jane

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