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The Silver Soap by Cor is something that interested me immediately due the it’s impressive claims.  It’s a facial soap bar (or round) that is designed to address a multitude of skin issues – the majority of which lean towards problems that oily skin types suffer from – such as spots, acne marks, uneven skin tone and oiliness.  The leading ingredient in the soap is silver-silica which is apparently one of the most effective, natural anti-bacterial ingredients available which is why this soap is touted as being so good for spots and associated problems.  Other ingredients include hyaluronic acid, aloe and jojoba, all of which are ingredients that spot-prone skin types respond really well to.  I’ll warn you now that this is not a cheap product; the main soap size of 120g is priced at £100, but there are two other sizes available; 30g travel-sized at £35, and the trial-sized 10g – which I was sent – priced at £15.  I really like the fact that you can purchase a small introductory sized version of this soap; it means you don’t have to fork out a large wad of cash before you’ve tried the product yourself, and to me it also says that the company have enough faith in their product to offer such a thing.


I had a bit of a false start with the orange scented The Silver Soap as I started using it with my Konjac Sponge and it didn’t really do much.  I used it a couple of times, didn’t notice much of an impact and lost interest.  Then a couple of weeks later I used it again with just my hands and I was a lot more impressed with the results.  It’s by no means a miracle worker and unfortunately I only started using it again a few days before I went into hospital to have Teddy (and now all skincare and general vanity has taken a bit of a backseat whilst I heal post c-section) so I can’t report as yet as to whether it’ll have a huge and significant impact on my skin, but I can say that it feels like a product worthy of its price tag, as it’s both cleansing and soothing without feeling like it’s aggressive or stripping away at my skin.  This makes it an ideal choice for those with slightly older skins that are still prone to breakouts, as it’s definitely gentle enough to use daily and it feels very much like a treatment cleanser.  I would definitely not recommend this for dry skins, but for normal to oily and oily skin types this is a lovely soap that effectively removes make-up, dirt and grime and leaves skin feeling thoroughly clean yet surprisingly nourished.  It’s recently launched into Harrods, but you can also find out more about it from the Cor site here – link.

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  • Emma
    December 3, 2013

    Ooh please come back and give us an update when you get chance to use it regularly. As an acne sufferer who has yet to find something that works I’m very intrigued!

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