Dove Hair Express Treatment Conditioners

One of my absolute favourite budget brands is Dove and has been since I first developed an interest in beauty.  Not only are Dove products extremely effective (and do exactly as they suggest) but they’re also generously sized and well priced.  I also find the Dove brand quite comforting; it’s the sort of brand I turn to when nothing else seems to work and I think this is because I originally took to them for their deeply moisturising and soothing body washes, which I always found fantastic value for money.


There are three products in the line of Express Treatment Conditioners: Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner, Nourishing Oil Care Express Conditioner and Colour Radiance Express Conditioner, and all three are £3.99 for 180ml of product.  The key word in all three product names is “express” as these conditioners are designed to work in 1 minute, meaning you don’t have to allocate any extra time for this treatment and can instead slot it into your bath or shower time.  Dove did some research into the impact a bad hair day can have on women and the studies found that 6% of women would pull a sick day from work if they had a bad hair day.  Obviously I fully understand and embrace vanity and spend far more time than the average person obsessing over all things beauty, but I’m thinking if you’re taking a day off work due to a bad hair day then you might want to have a word with yourself…


I’ll start with my favourite which is the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Conditioner.  Having suffered from greasy hair during my pregnancy (and I’m not fully free of it now, but it comes and goes) I thought this oil-based conditioner would be way too rich for my already oily hair, but it actually performed beautifully and gave me the softest, most touchable hair I’ve had in ages.  After one use my hair looked very shiny yet also healthy; it didn’t lose any bounce and looked very well cared for.  This conditioner performed much better than a lot of far pricier brands, so this will happily be a repurchase for me.


My middle-of-the-road one was the Dove Colour Radiance Express Conditioner, however, I can’t genuinely comment on the effectiveness of this as a colour extender as I haven’t used it for long enough.  What I can say is that it certainly has all the correct initial signs of a good, solid colour extender as it nourishes hair without leaving any residue and hair looks noticeably shinier after use.  This didn’t blow my mind, but I did use the Nourishing Oil Care treatment beforehand which I feel set too high a precedent.


Lastly we have the Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner.  I thought this would be the one that I’d get on best with, but it actually proved a little too heavy for my hair and whilst it didn’t make it greasy initially, my hair lost its bounce and became greasy more quickly than usual.  For me, this is quite a heavy duty conditioner that I’m thinking would be really well suited to overly coloured or damaged hair, as I can imagine it would provide some much needed nourishment to these hair types.

There we have a quick introduction to the three Dove Hair Express Treatment Conditioners; a solid collection of highly effective and insanely well priced treatments, of which there should be one to suit all hair types.  I love the convenience of these, they smell gorgeous (that comforting Dove scent!) and they slot into an everyday routine nicely, so even the laziest of beauty junkies will have no excuse! These are available now from all the usual Dove stockists.

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