Update and Happy New Year!

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Can you believe we’re now a couple of days into 2014?? Not just that, but today Teddy is 2 months old which is crazy!! Last week my internet went down, and rather than do the usual panic and head over to my mum’s to continue blogging, I decided to down tools for a few days and give myself the first proper break from blogging since I first started almost two and half years ago.  I spent the last few days hanging out with Teddy, watching Netflix and getting some much-needed sleep.

Christmas wasn’t quite as expected as both Teddy and myself woke up on the day with terrible colds.  This meant that we couldn’t go out for the Christmas dinner we’d booked, and instead had to stay in and feel sorry for ourselves, so all in all it was a pretty uneventful day.

For NYE all I did was eat junk food and watch the fireworks on the telly with Teddy and it was easily my favourite NYE to date.  Anything that involves Teddy is amazing and it’s all still going really well with us.  There we have my very quick update and I’ll be back to blogging ASAP.  I hope you had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year! xx


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