Nails Inc Pick and Mix

Nails Inc Pick n Mix

More money-saving, promotional loveliness from the kind peeps at Nails Inc, and this time it comes in the form of a sweetie-style pick and mix, with the idea being that the more you buy, the more you save.  Whilst Nails … read more.

Marks and Spencers Beauty – New Brands

New to M&S Your Beauty

October 2012 saw the arrival of Your Beauty at Marks and Spencer; a beauty hall full of existing and upcoming beauty brands alongside current M&S favourites.  It was a room designed to appeal to even the most cynical beauty lover … read more.

New from Dove


Every year, Dove release a new scent as part of their Purely Pampering line.  There are some extremely yummy scents as part of the line already; Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla is on my ‘to try’ list and the other … read more.

Pur Minerals SS14 Colour Collection


Three guesses as to why I found this new collection from Pur Minerals so exciting? Look at all that pink! I am a little bit in love with about 90% of this collection which includes four new launches; 2 types … read more.

Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day

In a few short days I’ll be experiencing Mother’s Day as someone who has a mum and someone who is a mum for the first time! I’ve dropped some pretty obvious hints to Teddy, so hopefully he’ll pick up on … read more.

New from Vichy Dermablend

New Arrivals from Vichy Dermblend

It has been far too long since Vichy Dermablend updated their range or added anything of note, so it’s safe to say it’s been a long time coming, but thankfully all the Dermablend newness has been worth the wait as … read more.

Latest in Beauty All About Eyes Beauty Box

Latest in Beauty All About Eyes

Yet another mega beauty collection from Latest in Beauty has just launched with a very limited quantity of just 80 boxes available, so if you want this then you’ll need to act extremely quickly! The Latest in Beauty All About … read more.

Quick Pick Tuesday: Olay Anti-Wrinkle Firm & Lift Moisturiser 2 in 1 Hydration + Primer

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when typing the name of a new product release didn’t involve several hours of memory training beforehand? Continuing the trend of obscenely long names we have another release from Olay, the Anti-Wrinkle Firm … read more.