Five Things that I Love February 2014


I’m back to sporadically posting these love lists unfortunately! I’ll try and maintain a level of regularity but I make no promises…This months list is kind of a collection of products that I’m thankful for, which I’ll explain in more detail:

Bioderma Sensibio


I’ve posted about this amazing micellar soooo many times and it’s still the absolute best there is, as I’m sure most would agree.  There are certainly some great micellars available in the UK now, but none of them are quite as clean and easy as Bioderma’s offering; for removing mascara alone it’s unbeatable.  I’m thankful for it because it has made make-up removal doable over the past few months when I first had Teddy and couldn’t really face doing anything other than sleep and stare at him.

Klorane Shampoo with Nettle 


I mentioned this recently in my Oily hair post, and it really is fantastic at removing grease and oil and leaving hair feel very clean without feeling stripped or dry.  I had developed a bit of a fear of hair-washing as it had become such a nightmare; I’d wash and wash and wash, then afterwards as soon as it started to dry it’d form these little oily clumps which is as lovely as it sounds, but this shampoo has made hair-washing enjoyable again…or at least doable again.

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment 


This is such a fantastic mask that really does speed up the clearing of spots.  Skin looks and feels smoother and clearer but doesn’t dry out, plus it breaks down and washes off much more easily than most clay type masks, making this an ideal product for faff-free indulging.  It was the mask that reminded me just how much I love masks, so that’s why it’s in this list.

Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil 


I recently reviewed the three Superfacialist pre-cleanse oils and the Rose one was definitely my favourite.  It’s such a lovely, quick way of pampering your skin in the evening and I’m using this and the Neroli one daily – I mix it up as I like the scent of the Neroli one, but my skin is so dehydrated that it feels better after the Rose one.  This reminded me just how wonderful and indulgent skincare can be, and it proves that you don’t need to put aside hours for such things.

Benefit Rockateur 


I’ve had this rose gold blusher for quite some time and it’s still a blush I regularly turn to as it’s brilliant for adding light, warmth and colour to the cheeks; it’s the perfect ‘healthy glow’ giver and whenever I wear it people comment on how well I look, which is a big achievement considering how tired I am most of the time! It keeps me from looking like death warmed up, so what’s not to love about that?

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