Nails Inc Colour Me Happy Promotion (14th March only!)

Nails Inc Colour Me Happy

Today we have another glorious promotion from Nails Inc with an opportunity to save some mega bucks on some great shade collections.  The Nails Inc Colour Me Happy promotion consists of three sets of 8 full-sized polishes for £20 each.  Keep in mind that full-sized Nails Inc polishes are usually £11 each, so 8 of them would be £88, therefore each set comes with a massive saving of £68!

There are three sets in total, two of which I love and out of those two I can’t decide which I’d prefer.  The Sugar Rush collection got my heart beating a little faster as I have such a soft spot for a pretty pastel.  This collection is a beautiful, sickly sweet selection of all the pastels including a couple of trend shades and a special effects shade (Sprinkles, obvs) and you can find it here – link.

Next is the Soft Focus collection which contains muted nudes, subtle glitters and generally easy to wear shades that are very on-trend for the upcoming retake on nude beauty.  I would probably go for this set if I needed to update my current polish collection as there’s a lot here that I don’t have.  Head here – link – for more info.

Last up is the Heatwave collection which covers typically bright and tropical shades of summer.  It’s a good edit, but for some reason it isn’t doing it for me (it’s probably because there’s not enough pink and we all know how I feel about pink…) but this is probably the best value and most diverse of all three as you get a couple of trend shades, a feathers polish and a glitter polish as well as a solid mix of different shades.  It’s here – link.

You’ve only got today to take advantage of these special collections, and that’s assuming they don’t run out of stock so you’ll need to get cracking as soon as you can!



  1. March 14, 2014 / 11:03 AM

    Omg, enabler alert! I’ve just placed my order for the sugar rush collection. Such a bargain! Thanks for the heads up! Xx

    • Sascha BG
      March 14, 2014 / 12:24 PM

      Oh that’s such a gorgeous collection isn’t it? No problem; glad you got in there in time! xx

  2. March 14, 2014 / 12:01 PM

    Oh my goodness,I’m meant to be being good and not spending money!

  3. March 17, 2014 / 3:18 PM

    I just took delivery of my Soft Focus Collection and I’m sat at my desk at work with ants in my pants wanting to get home and play with it!

    • Sascha BG
      March 17, 2014 / 4:16 PM

      I hope to see swatches on your blog soon! Absolutely awesome collection xx

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