Quick Pick Tuesday: Olay Anti-Wrinkle Firm & Lift Moisturiser 2 in 1 Hydration + Primer

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when typing the name of a new product release didn’t involve several hours of memory training beforehand? Continuing the trend of obscenely long names we have another release from Olay, the Anti-Wrinkle Firm & Lift Moisturiser 2 in 1 Hydration + Primer which could’ve just been called a moisturising primer, no? Anyway, it’s arrival is the latest in a line of very decent new releases from Olay, but due to my crazy skin I’ve only been able to embrace this one so far as I can add it into my daytime skincare routine.

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Firm & Lift Moisturiser 2 in 1 Hydration + PrimerPIN IT

If I had to compare, I’d say it’s similar (philosophically) to the Boots No7 Airbrush Away Primer in that it’s a moisturising, hybrid that is theoretically better for skin than the typical silicone-style primers we’ve become used to.  However, whilst the Airbrush Away primer was a primer with moisturising properties, the Olay 2in1 (fill in super long name) is more of a moisturiser with priming properties making it a great choice for older or dehydrated skin types that need a bit of extra help with moisture.  Speaking of dehydrated skin, mine is particularly tricky at the moment so I’m not able to use this alone without dryness appearing fairly rapidly, but over my usual day cream this works well at creating a base for make-up to adhere too and doesn’t make skin appear shiny or greasy.  I’d say this is quite middle of the road, by which I mean that skin that’s too oily or too dry won’t get on particularly well with this, but the in between skins would find this a nifty addition to their make-up routine.  It’s available now priced at £9.99 but Boots have it on special – link – for £6.66 for those who aren’t prone to superstition…

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