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I’ve always been a huge fan of the effect velcro rollers have on my hair, as they’re one of the few tools that actually work to give my hair volume and bounce, which is really tricky to achieve as I have fine hair but absolutely loads of it, so it’s weighed down by the weight which makes any kind of style really tricky to maintain.  For some reason, velcro rollers are different and they create a style that lasts, although for me to achieve that I have to faff about by rolling them in, then going over each roller with a hairdryer before letting it cool, then the same again just to force the style to hold.  Total faff!

Remington Big StylePIN IT

The Remington Big Style is kind of like a fusion of the hot air brush and the velcro roller which makes it ideal for my hair type.  The set comprises of one hot air style brush with three attachments: brush head that makes it more like a hot air styler, nozzle for concentrated drying and the final attachment which clips on to velcro rollers for the main event.

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The concept of the Big Style is that you use it to blow dry your hair through velcro rollers, whilst also making the fitting of velcro rollers much easier and it achieves both these elements efficiently.  There’s a long and convoluted way of using the dryer element – once the roller is attached  you’re supposed to hold the heat on high for 10 seconds, then roll it up and the heat goes on again, then something else happens and then a cool shot…it’s all a bit too complicated for me – but I just used it on the medium heat for the whole duration of use.  I’m sure the makers would argue that this is too harsh for hair, but it didn’t seem to be a problem for me and I can’t imagine it’s any worse than using straighteners, just tread carefully as it is a hot bit of air near your head.  Apologies for the slightly unhelpful ‘before’ picture, I didn’t realise most of my hair was sitting back rather than forward, but you still can see the huge difference the kit makes:

Remington Big Style Before and AfterPIN IT

There are fifteen rollers included in the set and as usual in single roller sets these were not enough to cover my whole head, so I hope they release add-on roller sets…having said that, I’m wondering if it might work with other rollers? I’ll need to try it and get back to you.  Having the roller attached to a brush (it clips on so it’s firmly gripped into position) is fantastic and makes rolling them into position so easy.  I think the picture below shows that they are sitting fairly neatly in my hair which is not normally the case! I left them in for about 20 minutes and then rolled them out and I was left with big, bouncy hair that felt soft, looked shiny and stayed in place until the following morning.  Keep in mind that whilst my post-pregnancy oily hair issue is mostly in the past, my hair is still a little on the lank side (see ‘before’ picture!) but that didn’t stop the Big Style working, so all-in-all I’m impressed with this as it’s very easy to use and it delivers on its promises.  It’s a little more expensive than I expected at £44.99, but you are getting a hot air brush, a concentrator dryer, 15 rollers (of 3 different sizes) and a roller setting tool for that price so it’s not a bad deal and I’ve just seen that Very have it for £30 here – link.

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