Quick Pick Tuesday: Colgate Max White One Optic Toothpaste

Colgate Max White One Optic ToothpastePIN IT
Colgate Max White One Optic Toothpaste is designed to give the illusion of whiter teeth immediately after use.  This is achieved with optical brighteners which are little blue lumps contained within the toothpaste that break down whilst you brush.  As we all know, blue makes teeth look whiter so it all sounds sensible, plus the toothpaste also contains stain removers that gently buff away at the teeth revealing, in theory, whiter teeth in the long-run as well.

The question I’m sure everyone wants the answer to is, does this toothpaste immediately change the whiteness of your teeth? The answer is “yes”, but it’s extremely short-lived; if you use mouthwash or have a drink straight afterwards then the effect is gone, so I wouldn’t buy this with the hope that it’ll offer you anything other than a quick brighten that’ll last at most I’d say half an hour.  As you brush, the blue bits disperse within the toothpaste turning it extremely blue, so you’re left with a very thick, blue foam that temporarily stains your teeth and the surrounding gums.  You’ll want to make sure you thoroughly rinse it away so you don’t have a blue line around your mouth which can look a bit strange (live it, learn it…) but apart from that, I’d say as long as you’re not hoping for miracles from the toothpaste then this isn’t a bad buy as I do feel it works well as a gentle stain-removing toothpaste.  It’s available now for £4.49 – link.

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