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I love a good cleansing brush and I’ve been fortunate enough to try quite a few that are currently available, to fairly mixed results.  The Magnitone Pulsar has been around for a little while and I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks, so I thought it was time I shared my thoughts.  First up, let’s address what is inevitably the question most people have; how does it compare to the Clarisonic? In my mind, the Clarisonic is unlikely to ever be beaten; it’s cornered the market before anyone else and I can’t see how it can be bettered, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for other similar sonic cleansing brushes.

Magnitone Pulsar Facial Brush Head

PIN IT Magnitone Pulsar Facial Brush Head


The Magnitone Pulsar is like the Clarisonic’s rougher, bar-fighting older brother.  It’s meatier, less namby pamby and generally a bit of a bruiser in the world of cleansing brushes.  To put that in skincare terms: great for normal or oily skins as it packs serious cleansing punch, and I’d even say that dryer skins can benefit from using it, but sensitive skins beware.  It comes with 2 brush heads – 1 for face and 1 for body – and the brush itself has 4 settings which is an aspect I really like as they each perform fairly different tasks: the first is the exfoliation setting which is used for buffing away dry and flaky skin on the face or general exfoliation on the body (great for pre-hair removal), the second setting is the sensitive option for standard facial cleansing, third is the deeper cleansing setting which is probably the one most would use (it’s the one I use) and the last setting is the massage function which is a pulsing action designed for boosting circulation.  I really love the massage function as it works so well with the power of this brush; I’ve used massage functions on other similar brushes but it just hasn’t been powerful enough to have any real impact.

Magnitone Pulsar Body Brush Head

PIN IT Magnitone Pulsar Body Brush Head


In conclusion, I’m surprised by how much I like the Magnitone Pulsar.  It’s my kind of brush as it delivers results straight away – you should see improvements very quickly – it has a multitude of settings to play with and it feels and handles well.  The only downside for me is the price; it’s currently available at Boots for £129.99 which I think is a lot for this type of brush, but if you shop around online you can find some extremely good deals, so I’d recommend doing your research and finding the best price before making a purchase.  Head to the Magnitone store here – link – where you can find out more and also purchase replacement brush heads.

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