Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner and Remover

Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner and RemoverPIN IT

Well hellooo new Benefit liner that people are going to go a bit mental for.  The Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner is a new addition to the They’re Real family (which so far only consists of the extremely popular They’re Real Mascara) along with a remover designed to tackle the high pigmentation and strong hold of both the mascara and the liner.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up LinerPIN IT

The Push-Up Liner is a real game-changer as it’s a gel liner in a pen form.  You twist the bottom and up pops enough liner to cover each eye, and the product itself feels and looks a bit like a soft k0hl liner.  The tip is really interesting as it’s a slanted rubber tip with a small hole for the liner to come through.  The rubber is flexible meaning you can achieve a multitude of different looks from super skinny to thick and vampy.

Benefit They're Real RemoverPIN IT

The remover is a cream formula that’s formulated to be powerful enough to remove the liner and mascara whilst still being gentle enough for sensitive eyes.  Interestingly, it’s a thick cream rather than a liquid that you are supposed to saturate a cotton pad with, but I think you’d get through it way too quickly with that approach, so instead I apply a small amount to each eye and gently rub it over the made-up eye before wiping off with either tissue or cotton wool.  It does leave a slight film so I would advise going over it with something more liquid to remove the film, but it is very good at removing both the liner and mascara quickly and easily.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner TipPIN IT

I am extremely rubbish at applying eyeliner and I always have been; no matter how much I practice I can never get a good skinny line without the use of an extremely skinny liner and it has to be a very specific type of liner for me to be able to achieve a good line.  I do believe that the Push-Up Liner can be amazing for achieving all sorts of fabulous liner techniques (and it’s worth pointing out that Lisa Eldridge thinks this liner is amazing) but I just can’t quite get it to do a skinny line, only thick lines.  However, I’m optimistic that with a bit more practice I will be able to achieve a thinner line and I will report back when I’m there!

Benefit They're Real Push Up LinerPIN IT

The Benefit Push Up Liner launches at the end of June for £18.50 and the Remover for £14.50.  Benefit They’re Real Mascara is available now here – link – for £19.50.

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