My Current Skincare Routine: April 2014


I realise today is technically May – so Happy May everybody – but I’m posting an update on my skincare routine that I’ve so far only followed up until last night, which was April, so there…My last skincare update was in January, so I thought now was a good time to write an update and see what’s changed.

Make-Up Removers


I start with Bioderma to quickly remove all make-up including eye make-up as there really is nothing easier, is there? Bioderma will almost certainly always feature in my skincare routine because it’s the most effective eye and face make-up remover that’s so gentle and easy, although obviously it’s only good to remove make-up and shouldn’t replace a cleanser.  I then follow with Una Brennan Superfacialist Neroli Facial Oil, which was my second favourite of the three I reviewed earlier this year.  Even though Rose is my favourite, I really love the Neroli smell so I’ve just been using that daily; I do think the Rose and Neroli are very similar in their functionality, so I don’t think it matters too much which I use.



I then move on to my cleansing which is currently being performed by my trusty Tri-Enzyme facial wash from Elemis.  Elemis is a brand I always come back to when my skin is refusing to do what I’d like it to do, and the Tri-Enzyme range is especially good for balancing skin and treating spots. I use the Magnitone Cleansing Brush – full review here – on days when I’m wearing make-up only, so most days bar maybe one or two.  I then use the cleansing setting on my Sqoom which the cleansing gel for 4 minutes; check out my intro post to Sqoom here for more info.



I’m still a big fan of Biologique Recherche’s P50 as I really don’t think it can be beaten for a good, daily, chemical exfoliator.  I’m almost done on the milder P50W (I think I said that the last time this got mentioned but it really does last!!) so I’ll be moving up to P50 when I’ve used it all up.  After the P50 has dried I start on my treatment phase of the Sqoom with the AK Gel, so 4 minutes on each side.



Once I’ve finished my Sqoom treatment I rub the surplus gel into my skin before applying 3 drops of Aroma Actives Omega Rich Face Oil.  If you’re nervous of oils, don’t like the greasy feeling or worry that an oil product will break you out then I really recommend trying the Aroma Actives offering as it absorbs insanely quickly and is a great ‘starter oil’ for those who are unsure.  I finish with a layer of Elemis Tri-Enzyme Night Cream which is rich enough to moisturise without breaking me out.


I’ve cut back quite a bit on products for this routine and the result was virtually spot-free skin.  However, my skin has also been feeling quite dehydrated lately so I’ve been adding day creams here and there to try and find a good moisture-booster and one I tried last week broke me out massively (more details in my Sqoom post here) so my feelings are that I need more moisture whilst still maintaining the spot-fighting.  I am coming around more and more to the idea that my skin is actually severely dehydrated in general; I’ve a few reasons to have concluded this which I’ll share with you in more detail soon.

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