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Yesterday was one of those ‘pinch me, I’m dreaming” days as it was literally a day of pure, indulgent pleasure.  I started with a visit to my local nail parlour for a manicure and pedicure, then I was taken for a lovely Afternoon Tea at House of Fraser by Team Simple before finishing at Harrods for a once in a lifetime facial with the amazing Head Therapist from New York’s Erno Laszlo Institute.  Not a bad way to spend a day, don’t you think? The facial was amazing and I got to talk to Judit about the amazing approach and philosophy that the Institutes implements.

To be treated at the Institute, you need to be a member which costs $3000 a year. It sounds a lot, and in fairness it is a lot, but for that you get a designated therapist who will become your skins’ new best friend.  You will be assessed and the therapist will decide how regularly you need to visit; to give you an example, as I have tricky skin that’s very hormonal and hasn’t quite bounced back post-pregnancy, the first few months I would visit every 2-3 days to work at building up the strength of my skin and try and balance it back to normal.


If you’re a skincare junkie then you should definitely find out more about the Erno Laszlo Timeless Skin clock as it’s a very interesting approach to skincare.  Noon is balanced, normal skin and before noon is dry, whilst after noon is oily; the further away you are from noon either way, the more severe your problem is.  Here’s something I was quite surprised to find out; Judit believes that I’m actually noon on the clock,  I just have localised inflammation around my chin (as we know) so that’s good to know!

The facial itself was a very thorough and informative assessment with a deep cleanse, a mild peel and lots and lots of hydration, including the Hydra Therapy Skin Vitality Mask which is just *amazing* at rehydrating parched skin.  I left with a little bottle of money-can’t-buy serum that is only for Laszlo practitioners and skin that felt extremely nourished, clearer due to the gentle yet effective extractions and with a lot of info to digest and consider.  It’s so annoying that we don’t have an Institute in the UK (make it happen, powers that be!) as it’s such a sensible, fad-free and philosophical approach to skincare that I think would serve UK skin junkies extremely well.  As the man himself famously stated, “beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle”.

If you’re extremely speedy then you might be able to grab the last couple of spots with Judit at Harrods before she heads back to New York on Monday by calling 020 7730 1234 X 3285.  The appointments last 60 minutes and cost £100, which is fully redeemable against Erno Laszlo purchases.

*PR Appointments


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