Max Factor Lipfinity: New Shades and Stay Cheerful Review

Max Factor Lipfinity Stay Cheerful reviewPIN IT

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Max Factor were the first to bring us a high street answer to long-wear lipstick and I have a hazy memory of their arrival quite a few years back.  I’ll be honest and say that there are two prominent reasons as to why I hadn’t tried Max Factor Lipfinity and these are firstly, the shade range seemed to stick with dull colours and nothing really appealed to me (remember when all long-wear lipsticks were in various shades of brown?) and secondly, I’m a child of my times – heavily susceptible to marketing – and I was slightly terrified that I’d apply it and never be able to get it off, or worse; apply it, make a big mistake and be stuck with it for life.  Possibly a tad irrational, but there you go.

Max Factor Lipfinity New ShadesPIN IT
However, when Stay Cheerful -a gorgeous warm and summery pinky coral shade arrived I just had to give it a go; I was a brave soldier, I put aside my fears and I applied that lipstick.  Before I go on to my review, let me first mention that there are six glorious new shades in the Lipfinity range and a couple of them are absolutely lovely; I’m very happy to see seasonal brights and easy going nudes and my picks from the range are Just Bewitching and Just In Love as well as the surprisingly appealing nude shade of Always Delicate.

Left just the base shade, right the base shade and the balm on top.

PIN IT Left just the base shade, right the base shade and the balm on top.


If I had picked the shade for myself I would’ve definitely gone for Stay Cheerful as it’s such a lovely and flattering shade that seems to suit my colourings.  The application of Lipfinity is a make or break experience as if you get it right then you’re sorted but get it wrong and it’s a bit of a nightmare.  For those who are unfamiliar, you need to apply the base colour, let it dry then add the balm.  Two extremely important notes; firstly, don’t apply a thick coat and try and spread it out as thinly as possibly and secondly, make sure you let the base shade dry as otherwise it’ll go patchy very quickly and crumble which actually feels worse than it looks, but it still isn’t something you want! If you put the time in at the beginning then you have a colour that really will last.  The new shades are available now priced at £10.99 a pop here – link.

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  • Jacy Michele
    June 2, 2014

    Thank you for the tips…I guess I have to be more patient and let that base coat dry well. I haven’t had the best of luck 🙁

    • Sascha
      Jacy Michele
      June 4, 2014

      People are very mixed on these; I’d say it also helps if your lips are completely free from oil or balm so using a toner (if you can handle the taste!) on lips beforehand seems to help too xx

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