Maybelline Superstay Nail Colour: New Shades


When the invitation to the launch of the new Maybelline Superstay shades arrived, it asked whether I’d be in the brights camp or the pastels camp as there are new shades that fit into both categories.  I figured I’d be in the brights category but as soon as I saw the new shade range I fell in love with the two new pastel shades.  Don’t get me wrong, the brights are gorgeous too – especially that beautiful fuchsia shade – but would you just look at those pastels? They are soooo gorgeous and I can see everyone loving at least one of them!

One coat!

PIN IT One coat!


All of the new shades form part of the Maybelline Superstay range which promises 7 day wear with a gel-like finish.  These pack a great level of pigmentation and in a hurry you could happily get away with one coat, but obviously for a perfect finish you’re better off with 2 coats.  Starting with the brights, or the ‘Mega Watts’, we have Pink Volt – a bright, blue-tinged fuschia perfect for pedicures (although I had this as my manicure shade), Orange Punch – a beautifully bright orange that manages to produce a pop of colour without heading into neon territory and Lime Me Up (not pictured) which is mid green that looks a lot better on the nails than you might think!

2 coats

PIN IT Two coats


Next up are the intensely pretty pastel shades which are so completely swoon-worthy, I actually took a picture of someone wearing the blue shade to show other people as it really is gorgeous.  The two shades are Pink in the Park – a pale and fairly cool pink that I had as a pedicure shade; it’s extremely pretty and ideal if you like gentle, feminine shades and Uptown Blue which is a mid sky blue that I think everyone will go a bit loopy for as it’s just. too. pretty.  I believe these shades launch later this month at the very affordable £4.49 each.

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