Quick Pampering for Mums on the Go

Since the arrival of my son Teddy, I’ve had to become a lot more organised with my pampering sessions as I rarely have longer than an hour to get everything done, so I’ve had to come up with lots of quick and easy ways to keep my face, fingers and toes in good condition within a very limited time-frame.  If you can find yourself an hour, here’s how I’d go about maximising your pamper time to its full potential:

1.  For my facial, I’ll start with a double cleanse with an oil cleanser and I’ll follow this with my current favourite cleanser to get skin as clean as possible so the masks can do their job.  I then remove old polish from hands and feet – 10 minutes.

2.  I apply my first mask which will be something exfoliating if I have time for three masks, or something purifying if I only have time for two.  When I’m doing my quick pamper sessions I try to incorporate a Triple Threat facial (check out my intro post here) but it isn’t always doable, so if I can only manage two masks then I start with something purifying such as a clay mask to draw out all the impurities and clarify my skin.  Whilst this mask is on, I start work on my fingers by using a cuticle pusher to neaten the cuticles, followed by a quick buff and a file to get fingers ready for paint. – 20 minutes.

3.  If I’ve allocated enough time for the TT facial, now is the time to remove the exfoliating mask and follow with the purifying mask which is then left on whilst I give my toes and feet some pampering.  I like to get my feet as smooth as possible so I use a scrub followed by an electronic buffer as I find this a lot quicker and easier.  I then use a deeply nourishing cream all over the feet before I ‘squeak’ both my finger and toe nails; by squeak I mean use polish remover to ensure nails are as clean as possible in preparation for the polish – 10 minutes.

4.  Now on the final stage which involves removing the purifying mask and finishing with a moisturising mask.  The good thing about a moisturising mask is that you can leave it on for as long as you like so if you run out of time, you can leave it on and remove it at a later point in the day/evening.  Once this mask is on, I paint fingers and toes (base coat, 2 coats of polish and a fast drying top coat in that order on both toes and fingers to give each coat a chance to dry) which completes my pampering session.  If I’m really short on time, I’ll use a hairdryer on my wet nails to get them as dry as possible – 20 minutes.

With a bit of organisation, it is possible to allocate just an hour a week to pampering and still have neat fingers and toes as well as keeping skin calm, cleansed and happy!

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  1. June 27, 2014 / 11:27 AM

    not bad timing, does your kid sleep that long? sounds pretty cool cuz mine doesn’t sleep that long in a nap

    • June 27, 2014 / 4:54 PM

      I’m extremely lucky as he’s a great sleeper; 2 naps a day, usually well over an hour each plus 11 hours at night. Recently he’s started waking up a couple of times during the night though which isn’t ideal! xx

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