Remington Silk Waving Wand Review


I wasn’t planning to review the Remington Silk Waving Wand but I gave it a go over the weekend to see how it performs and I was so impressed that I thought I’d share my thoughts.  I’m currently running a competition to win one of these (there are ten to giveaway) in this post here, so if you fancy winning your own then there’s still plenty of time to enter.  I’ve very cheekily used the same images of the wand itself in both posts as I wanted to include them for reference so you know what I’m talking about when I reference the shape of the wand.


So! On to the review.  The Remington Silk Waving Wand is a genius curl/wave creator that you can use in various way to suit your requirements.  The wand is an elliptical shape which basically means that it’s oval rather round which gives a much more natural finish.  There’s no clip to hold the hair in place, which if I’m honest is something I usually avoid in hair gadgets as the one time I did have such a product I repeatedly burnt both my head and my hands whilst trying to achieve a style, but for some reason I got on a lot better with this.


You heat the wand up which takes all of 30 seconds – it’s seriously quick – and you can alter the temperature with the plus and minus buttons which will then change the figure on the digital display. I did find I kept changing the temperature whilst I was using it by accidentally pushing the buttons which was a bit annoying but nothing too terrible.


Once heated, the curl experience is pretty standard; you wrap hair around the wand, hold it for a few seconds then release it.  You hold it in place with a gloved hand (the glove comes with) and the result is a very quick and surprisingly easy curl.  The best thing is that the oval shape of the wand gives a fantastically natural curl that really lasted; I used this on completely clean hair that had no products on it and the curl was still clearly visible the following day, although it had dropped a bit, but I think with a bit of product my hair would stay much more curly for at least a couple of days.


All-in-all I’m very impressed with this wand and it’s certainly cured my fear of non-clip hair gadgets.  This a very well priced wand at just under £35, however there’s currently a few deals on including this one at Boots – link – where you can steal it for £24.99, but don’t forget I also have ten to giveaway in my competition here!

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  • Beth Gladstone
    July 9, 2014

    I’ve been looking to buy this for ages but couldn’t make my mind up so this has helped to sway me 🙂 I usually use my GHDs for curling but this looks like it give a much more natural curl! Looks lovely x

    • Sascha
      Beth Gladstone
      July 9, 2014

      Thanks Beth 🙂 It far surpassed my expectations so it’s well worth checking out xx

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