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I first became familiar with SBC when watching QVC Beauty and I became a little bit obsessed with the possible spot-curing abilities of their Propolis Gel.  I never tried it as I was too nervous (I had a bee allergy as a child and I’m not 100% sure that it’s gone away, so I like to err on the side of caution!) but after recently attending the QVC press show I was reminded and reintroduced to the brand.  Firstly I’ll say that I had no idea SBC was such a comprehensive brand; there is everything you can think of including products for face and body as well as a huge selection of make-up items, one of which I’m reviewing today which is the SBC Creme Base Foundation.


The Creme Base Foundation is the highest coverage foundation that the brand has and it’s a fairly thick and rich cream foundation available in four shades.  I have the palest shade which is Light and it’s a really good match for me, but it’s a shame there aren’t more shades available.  This is what I’d describe as medium coverage as it does a fairly good job at covering redness and evening skin tone, but it won’t hide the lairiest of spots, nor will it hide dark pigmentation.


I do think my foundation reviews can be a bit unfair sometimes as obviously there will be days where I have virtually no spots which will make a foundation look like it performs a lot better than one I review on a day when I’m having a major breakout, but hopefully you keep that in mind when viewing the review images.

SBC Creme Base FoundationPIN IT

I really like this foundation as it’s moisturising with a dewy finish without being too overpowering on my combination skin.  I do have to add more concealer and a touch of powder (as you can see in the far right picture) but I am trying to kick the habit of using a really heavy finish all over my face as I don’t really need it any more, so this is an ideal, medium coverage base that does a great job at evening skin tone, considerably reducing redness and skin is left with a very natural look that I’m digging at the moment.  This is in no way my favourite foundation but it’s one I will happily keep using and as my skin keeps improving I’m likely to reach more this even more.  It’s nicely priced at £12 here – link.

*PR Sample


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  • Keri
    December 15, 2016

    Hi can you tell me what the code is on the bottom of your light foundation? I think I’ve been sent medium instead and cannot find anywhere of checking it lol thanks!!

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