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Bare Minerals Complexion BarPIN IT

As is often the way, I came across a feature that I thought would be worth sharing with you whilst actually attending an appointment for something else entirely (more on that in another post) so today I wanted to flag up the bareMinerals Complexion Bars as I really do think they’d prove extremely useful to many of us.  To give you a bit of insight, the Complexion Bars are branches of bareMinerals counters with a main focus on complexion products.  They stock their colour range too, but it’s a more limited edit to make room for as many base products as possible.


The MUAs who work at the bar are specifically trained in processes that relate to complexion, so you can grill them on things like concealing, application, contouring, building coverage and anything else that relates to achieving the perfect base.  Even though I rarely achieve the perfect base due to my tricky skin, I am a big believer in make-up needing a decent canvas to start on, so I do try and get as close to a clean base as I can when I apply make-up.  It’s safe to say I would never bother with anything of interest on my eyes or lips if I hadn’t at least made a good attempt at creating a complexion that was as clean as it could be to the best of my ability.


Another thing you can learn about at the Complexion Bars is how to achieve different finishes such as matte, dewy, glowy etc, which is especially helpful if you’re unsure of what works best with your skin type.  If you’re completely clueless about complexion products, or you just want to scrap it all and start from scratch, the bars are set-up to allow you to build-up to your perfect base in a style that reminds me a bit of when you put your sandwich together at Subway! You start with your chosen base, then move on to concealers, then on to finishing products.  Then obviously after that you can head over to the colour section to add more to it, but if your main focus is base then there’s everything you need there.


It’s a concept that’s been intelligently delivered with a very clear focus on educating the customer on not only what products to use, but also to use them.  I do think base is often skipped over in favour in the more flashy (and arguably more interesting) make-up elements such as how to create a  cat flick or the perfect red lip, so the whole back-t0-basics approach to the Complexion Bars really appeals to me.  The bareMinerals Complexion Bars are exclusive to Selfridges.  Keep your eyes peeled for my post on the newest bareMinerals launch, the BB eyeshadows, soon, as well as a feature on their first ever liquid foundation later this month.  More info on bareMinerals can be found at their main UK site here – link.


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