Breakout Update


That’s right people; it’s time for an update on my spots.  Joyful.  It’s a bit of a grim topic for a post but I did promise I’d update on whether I felt it was skincare or something else that was upsetting my skin when I posted about my evening routine here.  In the post I mentioned that I’d introduced a few new products to my routine, but I had also run out of the supplements I was taking from the Advanced Nutrition Programme, so it was tricky to tell what my skin was reacting to and the only way would be to see what happens when my pills arrived.

So without further ado…fanfare please…I believe it was the lack of supplements that made my skin spotty again as my pills arrived last week and I started taking them immediately, and now my skin is definitely a lot more settled.  There are still spots and there probably always will be, but those few days of uncertainty reminded me of just how bad my skin used to be; painful cystic acne, inflammation and genera uncomfortable skin; not fun! Therefore, even though the pills are quite expensive, I’m going to keep taking them for the foreseeable future.  The pills I’m taking are the Skin Vit A+ (vitamin A) and the Accumax from the Advanced Nutrition Programme – read my full review here – and I’ve added the Boots Omega Oils 3, 6 & 9 to the mix too.  The combination of this lot appear to keep my skin from anything too painful or nasty breakout-wise whilst also keeping inflammation at bay, so they’re winners for me and I’m a definite supplement convert.  I’ll be adding a few others soon do I’ll update you on that.  Obviously it’s always a good idea to consult a specialist before adding supplements to your diet, so tread carefully people!


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