Morning Skincare Routine (July 2014)


I’ve realised that where it goes ridiculously wrong with me and skincare is that I get bored with what I’m using, even if it’s working really well, I can get distracted by something new and pretty to use; not good! I’m using all sorts of lovely skincare at the moment, so I thought I’d do a morning and evening post rather than put it all together, so here’s a look at my morning routine.  I’ve recently started taking morning skincare a lot more seriously than I used to; it used to be a quick rinse with a flannel followed by a moisturiser, but considering how much skincare I use at night, it makes sense to have a better routine in the morning.  The way I look at it is that overnight, my skin absorbs all the goodies from the skincare and leaves what it doesn’t want or need, so that remaining residue needs more than a quick flannel wash to remove it!


I’m still using a couple of Environ products although I’m speedily running out (I’ve already finished the serum) and soon I’ll be finished with the Sebuwash too.  In the meantime, I’m using this in the morning followed by the toner, which is lasting really well – even from twice daily use – and it works so well with the Sebuwash which is a tad tightening considering it’s designed to remove all dirt and grime on oily skin types.  I’m a huge toner fan, I always will be, and I really enjoy using this one (it’s the Environ Moisturising Toner) although I think I’ll use up my Elemis Apricot one when this is finished as I really need to stop buying new products and instead using up what I have!


The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth was a huge surprise for me; I only used it as a filler product whilst I was awaiting the arrival of another product (more on that in the night time routine post) but it made such a big difference  so quickly that I kept it as part of my routine by using it every morning instead.  It’s a smell I really don’t like – medicinal and sweet – but it adds moisture to my skin so effectively that I can’t believe it only costs £24! It’s truly awesome and well worth trying if you need a moisture boost but you’re also spot-prone.  I’m also finishing off with the Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer SPF30 which smells gorgeous and even though it contains an SPF, it doesn’t have that slightly chalky feel that I find a lot of moisturisers with SPF do.  I’m also so in love with the Erno Laszlo packaging; you can see some more examples in my upcoming night time routine post so keep eyes peeled for that.  This routine is results in clean, fresh and well-hydrated skin that works really well under make-up and so far compliments my night time routine perfectly.

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