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Oxygenetix Foundation is a really interesting product that’s recently arrived in the UK and is well worth checking out if you like your base to do more than just even your skin tone.  I won’t go into lots of boring detail about the various tasks the Oxygenetix Foundation performs, but I will mention a couple of key points that I think are noteworthy.  Firstly, the base of the foundation is a gel rather than water based like most other foundations; the reason for this is because water attracts more bacteria to the skin, plus the gel is aloe derived making it a soothing product that was originally designed for post surgery cover-up.

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Oxygenetix Foundation pretty much follows the philosophy of BB Creams by providing a multitude of benefits on top of offering coverage.  The key ingredient is Ceravitae which is a “super charged oxygen complex” that promotes collagen products and heals wounded skin.  Whilst this is ideal for post-treatment healing, it’s also ideal for problem skins – both spot-prone and dry – that would benefit from skincare designed to treat and heal housed within make-up.

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It’s all well and good having a foundation that’s packed full of skincare goodies, but if it’s a rubbish bit of make-up then we’re not going to use it, so the question is, how does it perform as a foundation? The answer is it is extremely impressive and the best way I think to describe it is like liquid skin as it’s probably the most natural foundation I’ve ever used, yet it supplies such good coverage too!

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I think it’s marketed as full coverage, but I would personally describe it as a medium to high coverage as it doesn’t cover absolutely everything.  Having said that, I think if it delivered any more coverage it would lose it’s natural quality as it really is a foundation that makes you look like your skin is a helluva lot better than it actually is, rather than demonstrating your base application skills.  I’ve actually taken a picture without the flash to show you just how natural it is:


I did have to add a bit of concealer to tricky spots, but the Oxygenetix Foundation did provide extremely good coverage to my scars as well as leaving skin looking really fresh and slightly dewy.  It also seemed to hold back the shine for quite some time which was an added bonus that I didn’t expect.  There are 14 shades available in total – seven yellow-leaning and seven blue-leaning and my perfect match was Opal which is exactly my skin tone.  I was also sent Pearl which, interestingly, I found too yellow, yet it falls under the blue-based colours so I have no idea why it showed up so yellow on me!


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a new foundation then you must try this as it’s truly fantastic; it delivers impressive skincare benefits, a decent coverage and it won’t upset any existing skin conditions – quite the opposite in fact – so read more about it at the main Oxygenetix site here – link – where you can see the shades too, or to purchase head here – link.  It isn’t cheap at £48 a pop, but I do believe it to be money well-spent, especially if you struggle with disappointing base products in general.

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  • Tassie
    July 13, 2014

    Interesting sounding product – shame they don’t put the full ingredients list. That’s a little too expensive to try without knowing exactly what’s in it! Really nice finish on you, though.

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  • Lucie
    February 15, 2015

    Hi! just wanted to say how brave you are to have a pic up with no make-up, I wont even look in the mirror. You rock!

    • Sascha
      February 16, 2015

      Hi Lucie,

      Thanks so much! It took me a while to build up the courage but I’m so used to it now – I figured it was important to give people a good idea of what the coverage payoff is like. I’m really glad you find it useful! xx

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